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Francis Imbuga. Betrayal in the City. page comprehensive study guide; Features an extended summary and 5 sections of expert analysis. Written by a. BETRAYAL IN THE CITY BY FRANCIS IMBUGA THE AUTHOR – FRANCIS IMBUGA () Prof. Imbuga was born in in Vihiga county in Western . In Betrayal in the City, there is a lot of commotion created by the university BETRAYAL IN THE CITY BY FRANCIS IMBUGA (reposted).

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Political prisoners like Jere and Mosese are mistreated while in prison. It is largely through the power of the elite that we are finally able to see change in Kafira. The man is illiterate and a non-performer, who is determined to amass wealth for himself. Mulili has visited him after the quarrel with Kabito. In Betrayal in the City, Imbuga Francis uses a variety of such devices to complement the plot of the story.

He admits that Kabito has been one of his loyal servants. When Jusper is referring to a murder he committed at night, his mother thinks that he imagines killing his father. He pockets the rest claiming that it is for settling records straight.

Betrayal in the City by Francis Imbuga

He tells him that the outside of his cell may be well the inside of another, which implies there is no freedom in Kafira and even those who think they are free are not. He allows a fugitive, Mustafa, to escape across the border. A gray hair is signifies wisdom …. Randy rated it it was amazing Feb 17, H e is loyal to Boss when he has power because he is corruptly awarded public land tenders. Jere shoots at Mulili. The author trancis uses figurative language which carry different messages betraya, the book, he also uses figures of speech as follows.


The Pilates are exemplified by the likes of Boss and Mulili.

During the play within a play is when the coup occurs and one Mulili the rubberstamp of corruption in Kafira is killed and the Boss the leader of Kafira is left: How did you manage? He wants the play to go on as scheduled.

According to her, one cannot outwit their ancestors. Jusper appears not to communicate with his parents and their statements overlap.


A prisoner falls ill before the rehearsals and therefore Boss offers to step in. Thinking that he’s begrayal, they tell him to put on a clean shirt and go confess. Tumbo and Nicodemo know that Mulili killed Kabito but they cannot say anything about it.

His hidden desire to exercise his hidden desire for politics is seen at the end of the play. Mosese says that it is out of his inefficiency that they are able to carry out the palace coup. He was saved by the police and locked up. Foreshadow A foreshadow is a premonition that something is going to happen. An altercation ensues between him and Mulili when he insists that the ceremony will go on as planned resulting in his arrest and imprisonment.

Theme is the central idea explored in the story. You are commenting using your WordPress. Mulili reports Kabito to Boss with many false allegations and this leads to the killing of Kabito. In a bid to secure conviction for Mosese, his sister Regina is subjected to beating by soldiers as people watch, forcing her to give evidence against him.

Jusper, an elite, is actively involved in ousting the oppressive regime it is he who writes the controversial play through which they overthrow the government. This seems to confirm his corrupt nature. Satire, is aform of writing where an individual or society is ridiculed or wher the foolishness of an idea practice or custom is shown.


Betrayal in the City is a perfect mirror of many an African State Oppression breeds misery and conflict. Mosese a lecturer is among those imprisoned because of “morning in public “. Betrayal, this is when someone you trust lies to you, xity on you, abuses you, or hurts you by putting their own interests.

It is ironical that when he was brought back after three months, he has instead worsened and people hetrayal he was mad.

Betrayal in the City

Mulili cannot tolerate an argument, even a logical one from Kabito with whom he holds a grudge. Jusper takes the gun and kills Mulili. You promised to be a good boy. Betrayal in the City by Francis Imbuga. Kafira needs each one of us, you included. Out pd good will she agrees to meet him only for Boss to try to rape her. In opposition, Regina argues that people should be concerned about survival instead of trying to fight a ruthless regime that is ready to kill.

Allusion, refer to making reference to biblical words,Example,…. Francie and Doga, Adika’s parents are approaching the grave in the morning to prepare for the ceremony. Nov 14, Emmanuel Issaya rated it really liked it. Boss betrays the trust Regina has for him. Prisoners must perform a play that must entertain the visiting head of state in order to earn amnesty.