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This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. Book Review: Mercedes Lackey’s Beauty and the Werewolf. Beauty and the Werewolf (Five Hundred Kingdoms, book 6) by Mercedes Lackey – book cover, description, publication history. Information on Beauty and the Werewolf by fantasy author Mercedes Lackey. Part of the Five Hundred Kingdoms series.

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Jun 26, Octobercountry rated it really liked it. Not surprisingly, this makes her something of an odd duck out amongst her peers, and with her stepmother. The Hills Have Spies.

{FTF Review} BEAUTY AND THE WEREWOLF by Mercedes Lackey

On the cover she’s a brunette. In the book Bella is described as a blonde. To view it, click here. Welcome to Fairy Tale Fortnight, home of fairy tale lovers everywhere! You know something has gone horribly wrong with your novel when the dear reader finds herself mercdees for the villain, of all people.

By page 60, we have his goals and motivation. We even have an entire book that’s from a single character’s point-of-view, which is unusual for Lackey. Even evil magicians get werweolf in the night and look for cookies, sometimes.

I have a real soft spot for Beauty and the Beast stories. I picked this up as a random read from the limited list of eBooks available with no waiting at my local library.

Beauhy, stop making blondes into brunettes! She lives out in the forest in her tiny cottage. Werewolves in my fairy tales? The duke was unexpected with his retiring nature; the consideration was expected. I’ve always been interested in retellings merrcedes the thf and the Beast” storyhave read several of them over the yearsso I was happy to give this one a try. Maybe he wasn’t really the villain, and would be an ally instead, or maybe Bella would figure it out soon and have to hide that she knows while trying to find a way to convince everyone else Villains are always predictable.


Entertaining in a way that it reminds without preaching, that the way its always been done is not necessarily the best way.

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These aren’t serious literature and that’s a good thing. Is Bella too perfect? I also felt a few of the character reactions were unbelievable at times. And then there’s the fact the heroine is a spoiled manipulative child with flagrant Mary-Sue tendencies: I have so many fundamental problems with this book, it’s hard to keep count.

But a determined beauty, a wizard after all, he’s only an occasional werewolf and a little Godmotherly interference might just be able to bring about a happy ending. You’ve successfully reported this review.

Beauty and the Werewolf (2011)

Compass directions are ALWAYS north, south, east and west which makes sense from the perspective that it gives the reader some frame of reference, but in other ways it is strange that in other worlds, in other times, there would be these exact same directions by the same name.

Sometimes she will have sparkling novels full of life and humor and a certain something The Fairy GodmotherThe Black Swan while others muddle along in t You know something has gone horribly wrong with your novel when the dear reader finds beautyy rooting for the villain, of all people.

Every Heart a Doorway. Is the villain pr This might not be the best of the Kingdoms series, but still I found it enjoyable enough to finish in two days. This story does not have the beauuty stepmother and stepsisters that many tales have, letting us know right away that Lackey is going to do something different.


This time, the cover leads one to believe the fairy tale about to be reinvented is that of Little Red Riding Road, what with that bright red cape and the wolf in the background. Neauty think that may have been the the point, though. This book blends together two classic fairy tales: The Gates of Sleep.

So Sebastian chooses to immerse himself in his studies in his country manor and leave the management of his estate to Eric. I do, however, like the way the wolf’s silhouette has him howling at the moon in front of a beautiful, seeming-abandoned castle rising out of the fog. The only thing that bothers me about this book – the cover art. Oct 02, Carmel Rabid Reads rated it liked it Shelves: Not of This World. I think there are entirely too many werewolf romances out there, cluttering up the shelves at Barnes and Noble, but the Beast being a werewolf instead of a different monster isn’t the same, right?

It is on the way back from one of these visits that she is bitten by the werewolf, who by day is Duke Sebastian.