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The Basement Bugger’s Bible. Many of you out there LOVE to tinker with electronics projects; I know I do. Many of us are also security minded, so if you like. Find great deals for Basement Bugger’s Bible: The Professional’s Guide to Creating, Building, and Planting Custom Bugs and Wiretaps by Shifty Bugman ( The Basement Bugger’s Bible by Shifty Bugman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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They come in five flavors: Sound can cause the wall of the cavity, rather than the air in the cavity, to vibrate.

buggfrs Now replace Rx with a 1 00K resistor; note increase in noise. This way, if battery is momentarily connected backwards, as often happens when replacing a 9V under time pressure, no damage occurs.

Calculating total noise involves identifying each separate noise source, then adding them in quadrature, the square root of the sum of the squares. They include SSM E n 1. Circuit shown will suffice for battery-powered gear not subject to disconnection or shorts. Properly designed stages can do the same things. Requires tunable source of 5V squarewaves, such as NE Though still perceptible, subsonic tones do not overwhelm to the extent implied by their spectral pre- dominance.

Commercial devices are available with 30 or more bands. U1 -a output couples basenent R3 to Ul-b, an inverting amp with gain variable by R4 from It offers inverting and noninverting inputs — an important stability option in many bugging circuits. Of several dozen options, three chips fill three specific bugging niches. Waving the thing gently back and forth will generate the 90V neon lamp trigger. The exportable circuit shown here takes a different approach. A pro views the game as a gestalt, not a galaxy of gadgets.


The saga dictates that buggers treat unverified lore as disinformation. This may explain why the open literature ignores tools that promote bibl and points up cavity mics as a wide-open field for the experimenter. Careful technique enables electret hacking.

Change 20K resistor to 1 IK if number of bands is increased to 1 0. If built with modern high-beta silicon transistors, this circuit would probably prove unstable, because each stage is configured for maximum gain; total looks to exceed 1 20 dB. The chip comes in 8- and pin versions. Low-voltage denotes types that are either optimized for low voltage or maintain high-voltage specs at low voltage. Simply reverse the trans- bivle connection.

Balanced lines and stages are also called differential.

The Basement Bugger’s Bible

A very thin magnet glued to the mic works well with ferrous surfaces. The laser needs half an amp of drive current. Change been modified with lips on each cavity to enhance size of either chamber to tune peaks. Gain walks hand in hand with instability, which manifests as oscillation, distortion, or unexplained muting. Has no effect on signal traversing R I and Cl.

That fact spurred the evolution of probes to penetrate sonic barriers.

Life of the device equals shelf life of the battery. Bubgers those reasons clipping is probably the predominant form of dynamic control in bugs.


Professional bugging gear must handle it. Studio condenser mics have low impedances, because they couple raw mic output to a step-down transformer.

Uncompensated types average dB more high-frequency gain than their compensated twins. The runs off 5V and will drive loads of ohms. A properly heatsinked will put two watts into an 8-ohm load. This obviates external plate bias. The fact that the output terminals do not present a DC path means they can bibl directly to most amplifier inputs. Lately, the Panasonic line upped this claim by 20 dB. But an op amp with enough drive power could run the diode directly, saving board space in size-critical applications.

That, in turn, reduces gain of Ul-a.

See all 3 pre-owned listings. Sequential caps C I and C2 give theoretical impedance near zero at a frequency dependent on their values. Too bad circuit “A” proved violently unstable when built.

The positive DC offset present at electret mic output demands capacitor coupling into most circuits.

The Basement Buggers Bible

Choose the impedance closest to that of the output stage. This is usually close enough to the impedance to match. The bssement chips and parts are utilized; this is NOT another rehash of old circuits.