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Bansuri use a relative scale, similar to the ‘do, re, mi’ concept. The notes are not measured in pitch (hertz), but are in relation to the first note. Have you ever dreamed of playing flute that too on classical songs from Hindi, English or Nepali songs. Now it is easy with this app. Additional practice sets are . For middle octave notes there will no symbols, example – middle octave Pa is denoted In flute we can produce P D N of the lower octave, S R G M P D N of the.

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So just look for a guru else if you learn own your own then you have to unlearn it first when you go to a guru for mastery over the instrument. If a thread comes off, replace it.

The same amount of water is flowing out of the hose, but because the opening through which the water must pass is smaller, the water accelerates. Raga Bhupali is traditionally played in the evening between 6pm to 9pm.

The same tune will sound different on 2 flutes of different keys, but the playing and notation method will not change. Try to play the grace notes in the following practice exercises: Thibaud Cloarec March 2, at 6: You may notice if you are a beginner that you get out of breath easily or feel dizzy when blowing nottions the bansuri or that you are not able to play lots of notes or hold the sound for long this happens especially on the bigger flutes.


Subscribe for Newsletters notafions Discounts. In any case, you should not clean your flute too regularly. You should use a wooden dow and tie a loose piece of cloth banssuri the top – tie it well or it will get stuck inside the flute.

The composition is divided into 2 parts.

Flute Notes (Sargam)

So when you play this sequence of notes you will play Sa Re Ga then you will tap your finger on and off the grace note, in this case the Re hole very quickly then playing Ga normally. Ga Top hole closed. Thanks for great information you write it very clean.

Posted by Saurabh Kumar at This will help us make recommendations and send discounts and sale information at times. NEVER oil a wet bansuri, norations example after having played it. I demonstrate this in the pictures below: So when a musician plays Raga Bhupali, he or she will play these notes longer notwtions may start or stop on these notes.

This cleans it perfectly every time and kills the bacteria. P roducing s ound: Songs can be played on any bansuri, regardless of flute length.

For privacy concerns, please view our Privacy Policy. This choice is yours and your decision may be bbansuri on the climate where you live.



Just relax and take your time. Based on your browsing history. A raga is basically a melody produced by playing a set of specific notes and adhering to certain rules. Place the embouchure hole on your lower lip, purse your lips, take a deep breath, and blow.

Flute Notes: Flute Notes

Krishna Theatre In India. For example Raga Bhupali uses the following notes ascending: Bansuri notesFlute notesHidusthani classical musicLearn Bansurititanic bansurititanic flute notes.

So you can play the same note multiple times but by saying “ta’ or “ta-ta-ta” when you blow into the flute.

Notatjons playing your flute for some time, you may notice that mold begins growing inside the flute around where you blow into it. This has happened to several people I know who ordered flutes from India including myself on 1 occasion and then upon arrival, they did not allow the flute to warm up because it had been on a delivery van out in the cold.

So we can see that performing ragas is much more than just playing notes, it is like painting a picture in front of an audience and trying to convey all the emotions and make a beautiful painting.