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Adeptly address today’s business challenges with thispowerful new book from web analytics thought leader AvinashKaushik. Web Analytics Web Analytics will significantly evolve the approaches from the first book and Web Analytics will tackle both of those topics. Avinash Kaushik. Adeptly address today’s business challenges with this powerful new book from web analytics thought leader Avinash Kaushik. “Web Analytics ” presents a.

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Not guess at it and not hint at it, but actually know it, as well as we can know anything.

Avinash, Been your follower for a long time and really appreciate your work, knowledge and dedication to this field. So here is what I would do to measure the ROI of social media. I attended a Hubspot IMU webinar you did and if your book is kaushio like you did your webinar… I will not put the book down and let me tell you… I am not a book reader.

I loved the first book it sits right next to my desk and I can’t wait to get this one.

Social, Mobile, and Video The chapter I had the second most fun writing. October 5, at Would have been helpful during my 6 hr drive to Montreal — well, my wife will drive while I watch the videos!

Consider buying up all the copies of this book before your competition gets a copy. Dec 19, Priyanshi Sharma rated it it was amazing. Always interesting to look at this compared with content creation frequency.

Web Analytics : Avinash Kaushik :

The Voice of the Consumer is necessary to fill in the gaps Now if only we could get key sales and marketing folks to read this book and understand how much data is wbe for them to use Tools Web Analytics: I will certainly write a review on it when I’m done reading. Your social media efforts are successful if you have formed a community that can replace much of your company.


Predetermining Your Future Success.

Leveraging Qualitative Data Oh, oh, oh qualitative analysis!! The “controlled experiment” on page is a really bad example.

Web Analytics 2.0

If you have a blog, website, twitter account, any kind of platform, it would be great if you could write a review of the book and help spread the word. Multitouch Campaign Attribution Analysis. They now think I’m important because the most popular and brilliant analyst of our time wrote my name in his book!

Kaushkk Identification and Segmentation Analysis. With so many changes in Google Analytics plus other tools available, it could really use a 3. Step one for me would be to focus on the social media spaces which create behaviors that directly improve the performance of the main web site.

Far too often, social media jobs focus just on tools.

Lots of good information, but there are no descriptions for any software or how to get the reports seen in the book. At first glance it looks like a very high level read. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Track the lapse since their last tweet — this reflects if they are really using Twitter and listening to you. This use of analytics approach to social media measurement would hopefully get companies closer to where they can say with certainty that their social media efforts are producing results.

An Hour A Day was the first book in the analytics space to move beyond clickstream analysis. Discover the solutions for the hardest challenges, including multichannel analytics and multitouch campaign attribution analysisQuantify the holistic economic value of your website and measure macro and micro conversions for ecommerce, non-ecommerce, and B2B websitesProfit from analytical methodologies that attack the holy trinity of search: However, I think that one global aspect of success in social media is to get others to connect independently of the company’s efforts.


Just in time for Xmas. The book concludes with a disucssion of how to target oneself for a Web Analytics career. Avinash, I have another 70 pages to go in your book.

It will provide a holistic view of what it takes to make good decisions and exactly how to go about doing that. Focus on the “Critical Few”. Measuring Latent Conversions and Visitor Behavior.

What a problem to have… me Reading first book, wanting to read second.

December 30, at The first is to segment the audience into smaller tiers in order to obtain an insight into their behaviour. Reference to incorrect figures In the first paragraph, the reference to Figure 4.

It ends with a challenge to embrace Multiplicity — without this it’s goodbye greatness. Feb 01, Katie rated it liked it. What was it you wanted to accomplish and what metrics did you tie to these goals?

Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics. November 23, at You can never stop reaching. A time series of the number of re-tweets by users, of company tweets, with a custom remark.