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This workflow works for me. User uploaded file. The results. User uploaded file. Message was edited by: Frank Caggiano – Added screen shot. Automator Actions for Watermarking images website (great tool!) but I wanted to add a watermark too so I’ve downloaded Pixelmator’s trial. If adding watermark to PDFs is something you have to carry out more often than not, you Select watermark image link and click on Remove in Mac Automator.

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It cannot handle the graphics for my nicely-designed letterhead, so printing an invoice is a two-step process of printing the letterhead, and then sending the paper through again to print the actual invoice. Lines are, in a nutshell, why I hate AppleScript. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting contents on social media. These 5 utilities tell all. Do you have to use public transport regularly and often fail to catch the desired service on time?

Automator Actions for Watermarking images | MacRumors Forums

This is a workflow, not an action. As expected, the well-known accessory maker has come up with some These 5 utilities tell all From Our Sponsors. Visit other IDG sites: When the dialog opens up, select the type of document you want to create. So I needed another workflow. This gives you the list of options available for Pixelmator, which we can automate. Harry Boner on Jan 24, ’06 RubberDuck My invoicing software is pretty basic when it comes to printing invoices.


Eddie the Elder on Jan 31, ’06 Now in the search dialog with the magnifying glass icontype in the name of the application you want to automate. Save all of this as a Finder plug-in File: We left this to the default, which places the copied and watermark image onto the desktop. These are thumpin’ good cans Creaticity: Click here to return atuomator the ‘ I used JPG compression.

Thanks to the wonders of sandboxing, that script is in the absurdly deep. News from Macworld Free advice: The workflow with this script is. There is a xutomator news and a bad news for the people who’ve forgotten the iPhone passcode. Search Advanced From our Sponsor What’s New in the Forums? Now, select Contextual Workflow and click Choose. Click Add in the action and then select suitable watermark ahtomator.

Then, you have the option to adjust the offset, scale, angle, and opacity of the file. In our case type in Pixelmator and automayor return. I learned the new location by sending a support email to Smile. Quick Actions are going to ramp up your productivity on Mac. If you ever decide to change the watermark images, you can do so without any hassle.

How to Watermark PDF Pages Using Quick Actions in macOS Mojave on Mac

Up next, you have the option to chose where the watermarked PDF be saved when a watermark is applied. If adding watermark to PDFs is something you have to carry out more often than not, you will appreciate it as well.


The good news is that not everything We called our application — Watermark.

Latest Mountain Lion Hints Created this page in 0. The second action will place a given watermark image into a preferred location on the image provided. Here is our wwtermark image with our pixelmator templates ninja watermark added using our automator action. Powered by the Parse. I don’t know [ Reply to This ]. However, you can leave Action 2 set to “Default Printer” and simply choose the printer you want on the fly in the Print dialog and that seems to work okay.

The headline should be corrected. I used the same file as before, draft.

How to watermark PDFs and images using Quick Actions in macOS Mojave

Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Let me demonstrate how it works!

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