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Sayo Masuda. Translated by G. G. Rowley. The glamorous world of big-city geisha is familiar to many readers, but little has been written of the life of hardship . Masuda’s account of being a geisha in rural Japan at a hot springs resort is at once intriguing and heartbreaking. There is nothing idyllic in her description of. (Image from Goodreads) As the title states, this is a true story of a Japanese geisha in the s and s. Beware though: it’s not the.

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Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Be the first to ask a question about Autobiography of a Geisha. Thanks for telling us about the problem. As the title states, this is a true story of a Japanese geisha in the s and s.

Though I loved the book, it is incredibly sad; the mother, the uncle, the brother, the lover and then the most heart wrenching bit of all the children’s story about the hawk. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Sex is the ultimate goal, and the line between artist and prostitute is so blurred it is almost non-existent. Discover what to read next. This is not the soft, lyrical story of Arthur Golden, but the real thing, expressed by someone who was there. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Zumal “Die Geisha” mein unangefochtener Lieblingsfilm ist.

I picked it up in Oxfam because it looked so beautiful; a slim volume with a cherry blossom kimono print on the inside and back cover. At only pages, this is a quick but powerful read. Not because I love to read about other people’s misery, but because this autobiography gave a better look into the reality of a geisha’s training.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She is frank, and hold nothing back. She tells her story without hyperbole or self indulgence. This nickname was used even when she started as a novice geisha. Yet, this existence was often better than the alternative for many girls, who were frequently treated as little more than a prod Despite the romance that the word “geisha” conjures in the minds of most Americans, the fancy kimonos and painted female entertainers, the reality of the system was often brutal, punishing, demeaning, and even deadly, especially for young girls trapped in the smaller towns and spas, where being a geisha was little better than a life of prostitution or being a mistress.

‘Autobiography of a Geisha’ by Sayo Masuda – Reading Matters

Indentured to geusha houses by families in desperate poverty, deprived of freedom and identity, these young women lived in a world of sex for sale, unadorned by the trappings of wealth and celebrity. And this is where her story ends, although, not her life. There of the Beisha of Gion and Tokyo, who pride themselves as being not only social entertainers but also artists.

She located her aunt and a younger autobiograhy. The honesty of her voice, and refusal to glamourize what she sees as a harmful practice, is much appreciated. The author never flinches from telling the bad along with the good, and the result is a story which truly shows the universality of humanity at our best and worst, regardless of time period or culture.

Autobiography of a Geisha

Going t A true reflection of what Geishas went through. Through no fault of her own, Sayo found herself working as a nursemaid and then training to be a geisha. View Full Version of PW.


Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. For these geisha, shamisen and dance are not an art unto themselves, they are a means to an end. It’s all so sad and yet there is so much beauty in Masuda’s character and her descriptions that rather than being left with a broken heart when you finish you are left marvelling at the power of one woman to never really let the bastards get her down. Around this time, Masuda learned to read hiragana and kept a diary of their encounters.

This book is recommended reading for anyone interested in what living in wartime and immediate postwar Japan was like. When she found an abandoned six-month-old baby, she felt the w to quickly kill it so it would not have to suffer a slow death or the ignominy of growing autibiography without parents. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. No trivia or quizzes yet. Masuda entertains no illusions about her low status, nor does she feel fondly about the geisha tradition in her region.

Upon debuting, Masuda underwent mizuage with a man nicknamed Cockeye. Review Text “This most recent geisha boom comes with a difference.

Sayo Masuda’s writing in excellent translation is amazingly clear, open and conversational. Languages Kiswahili Edit links.

The glamorous world of big-city geisha is familiar to many readers, but little has been written of the life of hardship and pain led by the hot-springs-resort geisha.