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Order AudioQuest Rocket 88 Bi-Wire Speaker Cable – Factory Terminated, From Only £ Lifetime Warranty, NEXT DAY DELIVERY. Audioquest Rocket 88 Speaker Cables. Top of the Rocket series, Rocket 88 offers a combination of power and finesse. DBS enabled with AudioQuest’s best. FREE 2-day Shipping: Let your speakers sing! AudioQuests Rocket 88 speaker cables are designed to help high-performance audio systems sound.

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Rather I think this is caused by its internal configuration. Whether the Ricable is the better cable for you I cannot say for certain, but it is indeed gentler, and you may well find it to be more musical indeed. I did not have the two in house at the same time so could not make direct comparisons, but I have a feeling that the Hi End is a little extra smooth and the Supreme is a little more accurate.

The GO-4 uses solid core conductors, and true to earlier experiences, this translates into a solid, upbeat bass and a lifelike midrange. The end result is the same: Also the 88 has bass to die for. Battery-powered active Dielectric-Bias System maintains a constant 72V charge for more consistent cable performance batteries included Terminations: By contrast, solder tends to impede the signal, and heating the copper can negatively affect its conductivity.

So please mention to our staff that you’ve seen them online. AudioQuest’s active Dielectric-Bias System DBS creates a strong, stable electrostatic field which saturates and polarizes the molecules of the insulation.

The Rocket 88 does have a darker balance than the GO-4, and is definitely drier. I think you may need to look further, and for your system and taste perhaps avoid solid core cables and go with stranded ones. Reviewed here are the Speaker Cables.


AudioQuest Rocket 88

More importantly, litze designs are not normally capable of delivering this level of solidity or the well-grounded lifelike quality that the Castle Rock is capable of.

Both cables sound quite transparent to me despite the obvious tonal differences.

After having had the cable in my system for a longer time however I also find that it can be a little too powerful in the midrange, at least in the context of some systems. The Castle Rock was provided with silver plated connectors. Christiaan Punter 31 October 15 Comments. Hi Christiaan, Thanks for your elaborate insight in the Audioquest cables. Amplifier used was a Devialetwhich is handy because it is a streaming endpoint, DAC, preamp and power amp all in one.

Pure copper vs pure silver is not a clear cut case. Most of them are more expensive than the AudioQuest. Is that the one you mean?

The 3 cables were connected successively, so this did take some time. The latter can sound more detailed and open but copper tends to sound warmer and more colourful. Some of our web prices are cheaper than in-store.

Showroom Hours Monday – Friday: Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice. Most obvious difference is in the frequency balance where the vDH is tilted towards the treble and the Go-4 is titled toward the bass. A test button and LED allow for the occasional battery check. The company’s goal is to transfer signals as faithfully as possible, and it’s reflected in their motto: Yes Supreme, or the Hi End.

Castle Rock is the entry level cable in its series.

Sound appears from a surprisingly black background with unexpected detail and dynamic contrast. Does that sound like Ricable?

The four different SST-determined conductor sizes used in Rocket 88 cables allow an exceptionally clear, clean and dynamic sound. The Go-4 is the more audiophile choice with more natural timbre, sharper transients, more articulate bass and better focusing.


Piano and percussive instruments sound ever so lifelike, and very LIVE. Silver can absolutely also sound very fluid and smooth. One of the most aueioquest ingredients in a high-quality cable is the metal used for the signal conductors.

Any single size or shape of conductor has a specific distortion profile. We’re here to help you get it right” – Simon.

Rocket 88 · Rocket Series · Speaker Cables · Cables · AudioQuest

It audioques on the geometry, material mix and plating. AudioQuest’s DBS creates a strong, stable electrostatic field which saturates and polarises organises the molecules of the insulation.

AudioQuest’s Rocket 88 speaker cables are designed to help high-performance audio systems sound their very best. The reason the Rocket 88 sounded darker and drier is because it is terminated with gold. Midrange was even more tangible, most noticeable with piano which was way more real than with the GO Here I was thinking that the GO-4 could be my next default go-to cable for this setup.

All insulation slows down the signal on the conductor inside. You must have JavaScript enabled in your rcoket to utilize the functionality of this website.

What appeals to me very much is your analysis of the Castle Rock cables being very lifelike, with an enveloping auro that fills the room. Even cold from the box, all the AudioQuest cables simply refused to sound harsh or shrill.