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Isigny Sainte-Mère has been making Mimolette for decades . “It’s a living trade, every batch is different from the last and you have to pay attention to detail all. Title: Attention Mimolette! Ord$. Release date: August Editor: ALBIN MICHEL-JEUNESSE. Subject: ROMAN JEUNESSE. ISBN: The rind of Mimolette, smooth and thin in young cheeses, hardens during the ripening process, An amazing cheese that captures the attention at any table.

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On the other hand, a hollow sound indicates a hole — and mimolettd faulty cheese. It is the only official quality mark to deliver a result rather than a set of geographical circumstances. It is a subtle cheese, with a hint of sweetness, this tasty cheese has a taste of slightly acidulated fresh milk.

These milks are collected every 48 hours, then taken to our reception tanks where they undergo a first series of tests to check that they meet our quality requirements. The orange colour comes from the fruit of the anatto tree, which is grown mainly in Central America.

The Label Rouge quality mark was created in Boule de mimolette extra-vieille Label Rouge 18 mois. Mimolette vieille cocktail gr 13 mois. A whole lot of demanding and quality work goes into cheesemaking, not forgetting that at the outset you are committing 40 litres of milk to a single cheese: The rind of Mimolettesmooth and thin in young cheeses, hardens during the ripening process, and will form small cavities where the cheese mite, causing the dusty appearance of the crust, develops.

At this stage, the Mimolette has taken on its final shape and is placed in a saline bath for 72 hours. Both the flavor and the aroma of Mimolette intensify mijolette their maturation, gaining strong acidic tones of fruit and toasted hazelnuts.


The cheeses are also checked by striking them with a wooden mallet: We are proud that our mature Mimolettes and extra mature Mimolette benefit from being part of the Label Rouge scheme.

Purchase Mimolette Cheese

These are precious creatures, since these mites will take off the layer of mould and give the cheese its finished look. The minimum purchase order quantity momolette the product is 1.

The flavor and aroma of Mimolette It is enhanced by the long period of maturation, becoming more intense and acid and fruity with hints of toasted nut. Curdled, stirred, drained and bathed in brine, the crust has a touch of anatto to give it a distinctive attentino tint. Boule de mimolette jeune 3 mois. These cheeses focus the excellence of the terroir, the ancestral know-how of the cheesemakers and the precise management of customised ripening specifications.

This is a cycle of six weeks during which the cheeses will take on a bloom or fine coat of mould on which cheese mites will feed. Inhe joined the cooperative to take charge of the pressed cheeses workshop and has also managed the fresh curds workshop since What Nicolas enjoys about his work is that no two days are the same.

Mimolette “mite” be blocked if levels are too high, says FDA

Mimolette bio demi-vieille gr 6 mois. Mimolette demi-vieille gr 6 mois. An amazing cheese that captures the attention at any table. The curd is then pressed for a first time and cut up again into cubes. Be the first to write your review! It’s served in wedges attentikn approximately grams. Rennet is then added to the batch, followed by anatto, a naturally-occurring plant-based orange colouring agent.

The ripening of our mature Mimolettes starts with a short stay in the curing chamber. Its orange tint brightens up a sandwich or a salad. These go into cloth-lined moulds before being pressed a second time. Then our staff add a fine protective layer so that it arrives intact with cheese lovers all over the world. The curds are then cut finely to allow the whey to drain away.


Nothing could be easier than to break up some Mimolette and sprinkle it over a beautiful lettuce leaf. This is a busy workplace with many activities milk reception; vat operator; mould filler, cheese ripener, cheese packer: It is made with pasteurised milk and has a washed rind.

Our Mimolette is made from the finest Normandy milks. This adds to the taste and helps to form its crust, which it will need during its time in the curing chamber and its subsequent stay in the ripening chamber. Quantity The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Boule de mimolette vieille Label Rouge 13 mois.

Our Mimolette

Saint Paulin spends three weeks in a ripening chamber. Mimolette extra-vieille gr 16 mois.

If the noise is muffled, it means that the Mimolette is fault-free, with no air spaces inside it. The Label Rouge logo appears on products which, due to the conditions in production or manufacturing standards, taste better than similar products in the same category.

Having studied bio-fermentation, Nicolas has been applying his knowledge in a number of dairies. These are distinguished by their exceptional richness, high fat content, high levels of protein and vitamins, as well as by their lactic bacterial flora that is characteristic of the Isigny terroir.

They also carry out monitoring and regular spot checks.