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ATTEN ADSCAL vs Rigol DSe were the two options left for considering . Manual, tracking, automatic cursor measurement function;. I have recently bought an ATTEN ADSCAL+ oscilloscope. During to instructions, I get the message: “Firmware update failed, error 0xFE. Buy Now Only: US$, Buy ATTEN ADSCAL Digital Oscilloscope MHz at the ADS Series User Manual Size: ( KB).

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Atten ADS1000 Series Manual

Page 40 According to the tested options and source speciality, make sure the window you need to use. General safety summary Avoid Exposed Circuitry. If a product or CRT proves defective within the respective period, ATTEN will provide repair or replacement as described in the complete warranty statement.

Picture Auto mode Table Auto mode function menu: MATH function control button. You cannot adjust the horizontal position and scale of the reference waveform. Table Functional Ads112cal of the Utility System 3: Table MATH function menu: Software version List the software version.

Option Setting Instruction Invert Turn on invert function. Mention you that the horizontal position is at a ztten when you turn the horizon position knob. Picture Connect the probe to the oscilloscope and connect the ground terminal to ground before you take any measurements. When Select how to compare the Positive pulse width less than pulse trigger pulse relative to the width setting value selected in the Set Pulse Width option.


There are many bugs and glitches, and the manufacturer will not update the firmware. Picture Set the Probe option attenuation in the channel menu to 10X.

The squares represent the knob presses for scale knobs.


You have no items in your shopping cart. Print Setup Enter the print setup menu to set print options.

Because this is a differential signal, you use the math function of the oscilloscope to view a better representation of the waveform. Picture Operate Introduction: General Safety Summary Review the following safety precautions to avoid injury and prevent damage to this product or any products connected to it. Edge, Video, Pulse, Slope, and Afs1102cal. Set the trigger according to trigger edge.

These simple examples highlight the features of the oscilloscope and give you ideas for using it to solve your own test problems. Turn off the Digital Filter function. It does not affect the ,anual or coupling of the signal displayed on the screen. Page 91 Table Factory function menu: Positive pulse width larger than pulse width setting Positive pulse width equal to pulse width setting Negative pulse width less than pulse width setting Page 54 Picture Operate Instruction: Thirty two parameters Wds1102cal measure function.

  DS457 SR20009 PDF

In split display mode, the screen aten divided into two parts and each part is divided eight divides in vertical direction. Picture 1- 3 2. Auto Measurement button Picture When you take automatic measurements, the oscilloscope does all the calculating for you. The reference function becomes available after a waveform has been saved.

Aidetek: ATTEN Mhz Oscilloscope 1G sample rate ADSCA

Page mV – 5V: Press the MATH button to display the waveform math operations. Table Set trigger mode to slope trigger function menu 1 Option Setting Instruction Type Alternative The trigger signal comes from two vertical channels when you use alternative trigger.

Page of Go. The oscilloscope calculates the FFT spectrum using the center points of the time-domain waveform.