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Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Swami ioned. The Ashtavakra Gita, or the Ashtavakra Samhita as it is sometimes called, is a very ancient Sanskrit text. Nothing seems to be known about the author, though. ‘Ashtavakra Gita’ is one of the advaitic masterpieces. Without mincing matters it comes out with the advaitic truth, the whole truth and nothing but advaita which is .

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Rare is the man who knows himself as the nondual Lord of the world, and he who knows this is not afraid of anything. If you would ashtsvakra see the transformations of the elements as nothing more than the elements, then you would immediately be freed from all bonds and established in your own nature.

Essays on Gender, Sexuality, and Culture. This is my Holy book Parmatma bless everyone connected in bringing this to common man. The upright person does whatever presents itself to be done, good or bad, for his actions are like those of a child. I who have borne all that is forever, without even touching it with my body!

Astavakra Samhita: translated by Swami Nityaswarupananda: : Books

Swami Pavitrananda,Advaita Ashrama dc. Waves, foam, and bubbles do not differ from water. Only those like him can know the wonderful state of such a man. Digital Library Of India dc. Yet it is there always naturally for the wise man delighting in himself. Equal in pain and in pleasure, equal in hope and in disappointment, equal in life and in death, and complete as you are, you can find peace.


The liberated man is not averse to the senses nor is he attached to them. Consider this carefully, and neither hold on to anything nor reject anything. What does a pure person like you need to renounce? It is unimaginable, effortless, unchanging, and spotless. Ashtavaora true nature is not contained in objects, nor does any object exist in it, for it is infinite and spotless.

Shining is my essential nature, and I am nothing other than that. The body invested with the senses stands still, and comes and goes. Just as one and the same all-pervading space exists within and without a jar, so the eternal, everlasting God exists in the totality of things.

Who can compare with that contented, liberated soul who pays no regard to anything and has no desire left in his heart? Every chapter is exhilarating and brings the reader to a higher level. What more is there to say?

Ashtavakra Gita

All this arises out of you, like a bubble out of the sea. So who is to accept or reject it, and how, and why?

He enjoys hinself ashtavkra with ashtavaakra unattached mind in both success and failure. This text will teach you more about the nature samihta liberation, or moksha rather.

For me remaining in myself, there is no need for talk of the three goals of life, of yoga or of knowledge. Such a powerful book. HariBaldawa – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – November 5, Subject: I do not even see dualism in a crowd of people, so what do I gain if it is replaced by a desert? I who possess nothing at all, or alternatively possess everything that speech and mind can refer to.

I am not put out by that. As I alone give light to this body, so I do to the world. Photo courtesy British Museum.


Ashtavakra Samhita

Realising my aehtavakra self-nature in the Person of the Witness, the Lord, and the state of desirelessness in bondage or liberation, I feel no inclination for liberation. After hearing of oneself as pure consciousness and the supremely beautiful, is one to go on lusting after sordid sexual objects? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Knowing when the dualism of things done and undone has been put to rest, or the person for whom they occur has, then you can here and now go beyond renunciation and obligations by indifference to such things. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. You are neither the doer nor the reaper of samhits consequences, so you are always free. Knowing this, abandon them.

Views Read Edit View history. If even Shiva, Vishnu, or the lotus-born Brahma were your instructor, until you have forgotten everything you cannot be established within. There is no other remedy for it than the realisation that all this that we see is unreal, and that Samhuta am the one stainless reality, consisting of consciousness.

By relinquishing the sense of rejection and acceptance, and with pleasure and disappointment ceasing today, brahmin — I am now established. If you are a beginner or looking for some basics in vedanta, this book in not for you. Digital Xshtavakra of India Item