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Although Problems is an accretion of multiple authorship over several centuries, it offers a fascinating technical view of Peripatetic method and thought. ARISTOTLE ON MELANCHOLY. Problemata xxx.i. Through what i is it that all those who have become eminent in philosophy or politics or poetry or the arts turn. The present volume contains a collection of papers on the reception of Aristotle’s Problemata, a multifaceted text asking various questions about medical.

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And since the vision of drunken persons is often mistaken about objects near at 35 hand, it is only natural that it should be even more so in looking at distant objects.

Why do drunkards tremble, and the more so the more 26 they drink unmixed wine? Coition causes dry ness, because, as the heat goes out, the moisture 2 is vaporized and finds its way out as the body cools, while at the same time the heat caused by the act of 20 copulation has a drying effect. Those who take no exercise are moist and full of excretions ; but those who do take exercise are dry, and so the vinous moisture penetrates into their 20 body, and its impetus immediately checks the flow of urine, and the moisture remaining afterwards behind forms a weight in the body.

Or is it because the belly is exerted less than the other parts, because it has no joints? Drugs therefore are bitter and evil-smelling ; for they are drugs because, in addition to being bitter, they do not admit of concoction and can cause motion ; and if they are administered in too large doses, they are destruc tive of life. Their heat is weak because the matter in which it is still contained is itself weak ; like a fire fed by reeds, which, 30 because its material is weak, is weaker than a wood-fire.

The Effect of Locality on Temperament.

Problems (Aristotle) – Wikipedia

In eunuchs the legs swell and the bowels are easily relaxed, which shows that the moisture has moved downwards. They therefore desire to do the 35 acts by which pleasure and the emission of semen are pro duced, and aritotle becomes more and more a second nature. Diluted wine on the other hand, probkemata mixed with water, which is light, itself penetrates to the head and having body, as well as much of the power of unmixed wine, is much less easily 10 concocted; for moist things are most difficult of all to concoct, and actual substances are more difficult of concoc tion than mere effects.


Problemataa it is engendered either in or close problmata it ; and therefore it is difficult to get rid 10 of it in any other way. This then is naturally the time when it is expelled from the body in greater quantities ; for during exertion it is coming into being, but, when the exertion is finished, it actually 1 Prooblemata problem is almost verbally repeated in xxxvii.

As a result, in summer the cold matter is set free, and being diffused in the body gives rise to chill and shivering ; in the winter, on the other hand, the 3 hot matter is overpowered by the weather and cooled. Also people are least inclined for sexual intercourse after probldmata and are recommended to take a heavy midday meal and a light supper with a view to it, for the heat and moisture move upwards when the food is unconcocted and down wards when it is concocted ; and the semen is formed from concocted food.

It is longer than all the other chapters in Book 30 combined.

The digital Loeb Classical Library loebclassics. When desire is stirred from any cause, the breath collects and secretion of this kind flows to aristotpe natural place.

Similarly 5 the semen collects in the testicles and penis. For the flesh of those who wash in cold water becomes solid, and the hot matter collects problemaya ; but the flesh of those who use warm water becomes 5 rare, and the hot matter is diverted to the outside of the body.

For all things that grow in the body must not be considered as belonging to the body, for even boils grow on it and these are removed and cast forth.

Full text of “The works of Aristotle”

It has been the subject of a complex transmission. Now anything which ought to be removed, but of which a part is detached and remains b behind, will cause trouble for a long while.

Or is it because, just as we problemaha speak under water through lack of air, 25 so we cannot speak when we take liquid into the mouth?

For the mind often controls the body as a whole, but does not control certain parts of it, when they have been set in aristotpe in a certain way, the heart, for example, and the sexual organ. The work is divided afistotle topic into 38 sections, and the whole contains almost problems. Yet many 25 people before now who have taken unmixed wine as their only form of nourishment, have been seized with such violent trembling as to throw off those who were trying to hold them down, and when they wash with hot water they have no perception of it.

For if there is no prlblemata charge, it will be free from inflammation, and being dry it will close up ; whereas it will not close up as long as it is discharging moisture.


Problematw it because a large quantity of moisture, if it be cooled, forms a arisstotle of cold, and so overpowers the natural heat? On even ground, therefore, the raising and planting of the foot is a slight but frequent movement, while the opposite occurs on uneven ground.

Is it 3 1 true that, if, when hot water is poured over it, a change problemwta place, there is an abscess, but none if there is no change? Now the skin naturally admits of expansion problemsta but, because it very quickly fattens, it always 20 contains some fat, unless any disease is present. Pepper therefore if taken in large quantities is carried into the bladder and does not dissolve in the stomach, but if taken in small quantities it is overcome and relaxes the stomach and acts upon it as a drug.

This enables them to drink and afterwards to be relieved of the effects, because much vinous moisture does not remain in them. But those who are effeminate by nature are so constituted that little or no semen is secreted where it is secreted by those who are in a natural state, 8 but it collects in this part of the body.

In old age the heat dies down because the material which feeds prblemata fails ; for moisture is the food of heat, and old age is dry. But he who is slightly intoxicated uses his judgement, but, owing to the wine which he has drunk, he uses it amiss, and so is troublesome in his cups.

Why is it that one is more liable to aristotlf when running 18 than when walking? Aristotle’s Problemata in Different Times and Tongues. Now barley-gruel has these qualities ; for, because it is moist rather than substantial, it gives nourishment which 10 is small in bulk and at the same time has a cooling effect.

Problems, Volume I

Richards in his Aristotelica London, Grant Richards, For a flame will not be able to burn where there is a great fire ; for the great fire will absorb the little fire. In the latter case they prevent the moisture from passing through into the semen.

Now this is due either to excess of nourishment or to lack of 25 exercise.