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On Becoming Fearless: In Love, Work, and Life. Arianna Huffington, Author Little Brown and Company $ (p) ISBN On Becoming Fearless by Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. If anyone can write about being fearless, it’s Arianna Huffington. A mother, politician, bestselling author and Internet entrepreneur, Huffington.

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US borders ‘pushed to a breaking point’: Over dinner one night, my mother started telling my younger sister and me about the time during the Greek civil war, in the s, when she fled to the mountains with two Jewish girls. I liked Huffington’s child raising ideas. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

On Becoming Fearless : Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington :

Originally from Greece, she moved to England when she was 16 and graduated from Cambridge Huffihgton with an M. It is all about being par I had to work to get through this book. A A well-principled book about women mastering their fears. Armed man arrested while heading to church to fulfill ‘a prophecy,’ police say. But, to put it mildly, the Cambridge Union did not instantly fall in love with me.

How would I ever live up to this standard of fearlessness?

By sharing personal examples she reminds us that we are all created equal. Because it is lonely at the top! I did lose her, and I have had to go on without her. It really allows the reader to get into the head of multiple successful women, understand their own individual trials and tribulations, and see the outcome of their perseverance and atianna in their own abilities.


Started it on the plane home from my company team meeting, and read 50 pages in one sitting, a rarity these days! In chapters such as Fearlessness at Work, Fearlessness in Relationships, Fearlessness in Beckming, and Fearlessness in Aging, she delivers instructive and much-needed lessons about how to flourish as a fearless woman in today’s world. Oct 22, Amy rated it liked it. Er, went to her keyboard. My own perspective finds it lacking since it doesn’t present a biblical perspective of fearless living.

Should I speak up? As part of the Greek Red Cross, she was taking care of wounded soldiers and hiding the girls. I would be interested to know what women come away with in thought and feelings.

Huffington wasn’t always so confident.

Fears – such as fear of snakes, heights, and closed spaces – are not biologically specific to gender, but some do tend to be more prevalent among women than men, including anuptaphobia: Didn’t finish it in the end. It’s not the book that you study with a pencil, making notes and learning passages by heart. You helped make it clear why women in particular should not vote for Schwarzenegger.

However, a lot of it was “fluff” so it wasn’t as instructive as I was hoping. Dec 05, Lara rated it really liked it.

Her latest venture is The Huffington Post huffingtonpost. There were a lot of insightful and inspiring passages. I wanted to take my daughters to that exhibition because it’s never too early bwcoming teach women fezrless. On the plus side, the book did teach me the phrase memento morifor which I thank Huffington because with the amount of Ancient History courses I took in college, you would think someone might have mentioned it before.


On Becoming Fearless : A road map for women

We may lose friends in the process, but we can no longer afford to remain silent. Arianna Huffington is the chair, president, ariannna editor-in-chief of the Hufington Post Media Group, a nationally syndicated columnist, and author of fourteen books.

May 24, Sara rated it liked it Shelves: Huffington’s contribution is solid. I remember sitting at the airport, waiting for a plane to Sacramento, deep in thought about all of this, when a young woman put a note in my hand and then disappeared:.

Saying bfcoming to a bad relationship? Or maybe different chapters at different times in your life. Huffington talks a lot about her book Picasso: This book isn’t ground-breaking, but there are helpful lessons to be found. It wasand a group of Greek generals had just staged a coup and established a dictatorship in Athens, where I lived. This novel plays out a little bit like blog posts, or maybe little episodes rather than strict chapters, which is a format that I actually huffingtn enjoy.

She teaches readers how to be bold and conquer the self-doubt that plagues modern women. Just as planes and ships disappear mysteriously into the Bermuda Triangle, so do the selves of girls go down in atianna. Huffington’s take on the world. The first section of this book does present some information that is intriguing, but after that it does not sustain a sense of hope! Fabulous fashion of ‘Mrs.