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AR Datasheet PDF Download – ROCm Single-Chip MAC/BB/Radio, AR data sheet. Data Sheet PRELIMINARY April AR ROCmTM Single-Chip MAC/BB/ Radio for /5 GHz Embedded WLAN Applications General Description The. AR datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.

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An on-chip bandgap reference circuit provides the needed voltage and current references based on an external 6. The AR family supports 2, 3 ry and 4 wire Bluetooth coexistence protocols with a advanced algorithms for predicting channel in usage by the co-located Bluetooth transceiver. Radio Functional Block Diagram 3.

It is also possible to hold the CPU in reset until the daatsheet clears an internal register. Building on the advanced AR Features performance and features of the AR family, the compact size and low power consumption of this single chip design make dayasheet an ideal vehicle for adding WLAN to hand-held and other battery-powered consumer electronic devices.

The high speed crystal or oscillator is disabled. The digital core runs off of 1. It can be running at any similar low frequency.

Ordering Information The AR may be ordered as follows: A variety of reference clocks are supported which include AR chips li Pr e in m ary th: The counters may count messages, memory buffers, packets, or any unit that software defines.

SWL-A20S Datasheet PDF

Datwsheet and Physical Memory Mapping 1. Typically, this DCU is the one associated with beacons. The DAC has a period of samples with a configurable number of clock cycles per sample.

The IF mixer converts baseband signals to an intermediate frequency. When this situation happens, the AGC block requests a gain change to the radio through the SM block radio interface. On power up or 22 22?


AR Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

It is a high-frequency clock sourced from either an external crystal or oscillator source. The APB block acts as a decoder. An extra 6 KB of address mapping has been added to mailbox 0 for future usage. A qr6002 level is required to control front-end components like xPA or a switch, which are made of semiconductors requiring 2.

The AR family supports 2, 3 and 4 wire Bluetooth coexistence protocols with advanced algorithms for predicting channel usage by the co-located Bluetooth transceiver. Messages include packets, control messages, or any software-defined communication. Typically, this DCU is the one associated with beacon-gated frames i. Frame transmission begins with the QCUs, which are responsible for managing the DMA of frame data from the host via the HIU, and for determining when a frame is available for transmission.

It is responsible for modulating data packets in the transmit direction, and detecting and demodulating data packets in the receive direction. Boot code in the ROM first detects the presence of an external host. The AR requires 3 power levels, 1. Advanced architecture and protocol techniques save power during sleep, stand-by and active states. The closed-loop power control can be based on an on-chip or off-chip power detector. This module can buffer up to 4 write requests.

Absolute maximum ratings are those values beyond which damage to the device can occur. The Atheros logo is a registered trademark of. Datashest Synthesizer Block Diagram 3. Figure depicts the state transition diagram.

As long as the host status underflow bit is set, any mailbox reads that arrive fatasheet the mailbox is empty, return garbage data. For the 5 GHz operation, the receiver is comprised of a low noise amplifier LNA followed by a variable gain amplifier VGAa radio frequency RF mixer, an intermediate frequency IF mixer, and a baseband programmable gain filter.


Multiple I2C devices with different device addresses are supported by sharing the two-wire bus. If this condition persists for more than a timeout period, the host and the AR are sent an underflow error interrupt. The Atheros logo is a registered trademark of Atheros Communications, Inc.

AR6002 Datasheet PDF

Each GPIO supports the following configurations via software programming: The SOC clock comes from a clock divider module which divides the base clock by a programmable value.

The Atheros AR is the 2nd generation of the. For the 2 GHz operation, the transmitter is comprised of the programmable reconstruction filter, a direct conversion mixer, a preamplifier and a PA.

A allowing optimal antenna selection on a per. The core has been configured with several clock gating elements which scale down clocks to circuitry that is not changing. The BB needs this fundamental clock together with several divided versions of it.

SSD30AG | Laird Connectivity

The Synthesizer can use several Xtals such as The only resets that stay asserted are given below: Reset and Power Cycle Timing 30 30? Multiple SPI devices are supported by sharing the clock and data signals and using separate software-controlled GPIO pins as chip selects.

A variety of reference clocks are supported which include Software must then either resynchronize flow control state or reset the AR to recover.

The AR family includes a highly integrated, front-end module Power Amplifier, Low-Noise Amplifier and RF switchenabling low-cost designs with minimal external components.