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Moms Pay High Cost for Caring In a new book, The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World is Still the Least Valued, author and former. The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World is Still the Least Valued. Ann Crittenden, Author Metropolitan Books $25 (p) ISBN. Drawing on hundreds of interviews and research in economics, history, child development, and law, Ann Crittenden proves definitively that although women.

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Now, she is expected, by law, to both work and to do the bulk of the nurturing of children. Be the first to ask a question about The Price of Motherhood. Care for an aging relative in a nursing home counts, while at-home care by an unpaid family member doesn’t?

Yep; men who want more family-friendly options are at a disadvantage too. It completely absurd for jobs to expect 90 hour work weeks from anyone, let alone a parent.

Studies annn in the United States and Germany had similar findings.

This book articulated a lot of the frustrations I feel over how little the work I do as a mother is appreciated, something that really hit when I had to leave my fulltime job to give me the flexibility to homeschool my son with special needs because the school would not provide adequate services for him. Since I’m not an economist, I’m not sure how much a new measure would change the status quo, but it seems logical that leaving out huge sources of production and work is a problem.

When the substitute isn’t adequate, they demand we throw more money at it until it is. Motherhood — United States.


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I appreciated her depth of research, however, many of her studies come from the mids. Furthermore, I don’t want to accept her view that I’m merely being “duped” by these noneconomic valuations.

This moterhood has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Would she feel that we’ve made some progress, but we have more to go? Sure to thf vigorous debate. This is better than the current tax credits because it goes to all parents, not just those rich enough to owe taxes. Since I was fairly young and clueless inI can’t really compare then and now. This is outlined by peice done in developing countries where payments to fathers often go to booze or drugs and payments to mothers go to children’s educations.

I’d give this book 10 stars if I could. Immigration policy limits the number of “unskilled” workers allowed in a country and even if a nanny has years of education, she is still considered unskilled.

The price of motherhood : why the most important job in the world is still the least valued

I don’t see how anyone can read this book and not come away with a greater appreciation for mothers and want to changes things to reward their sacrifices more.

And who is hurt the most when all wage earners are taxed to pay for the day care expenses of the mothers who choose to work — most likely the SAHM, whose husband’s income will take a further hit and who will have to stretch the dollars even farther. I do realize that there are some inequities in law that ought to be fixed, but moving to the Swedish system universal government-sponsored day care, one year maternity leave paid for by government, etc.


While the book is scholarly in tone and comes complete with copious footnotes, a vast bibliography, and so on, the passion in Crittenden’s voice comes through loud and clear.

Our government doesn’t priice to foot the bill because parents are taking the financial hit. These two parents gave him the love, education, moral integrity, and life lessons that most parents would. Most child care is excluded from the GDP, at-home mothers are not counted in the labor force, and the social safety net simply leaves them out. One person found this helpful. Charitable contributions of money are tax-deductible, but volunteer donations of time are not?

The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World Is Still the Least Valued

Showing of 57 reviews. Still some critttenden voice urged her out into the world, and inlike so many women in their 40s at the time, she prlce off to do office work. The first is that the children in the first instances still have a living father who is supposed to provide for them and by law is required to via his child support payments.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. This is a worldwide problem, with worldwide implications. I wish the author had allowed some space to discuss mothers who choose motherhood, and who tend their children because they believe it is the best choice to make for them.