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Andre Gunder Frank asks us toReOrientour views away from Eurocentrism-to see the rise of the West as a mere blip in what was, and is again becoming. ReORIENT: Global Economy in the Asian Age. By Andre Gunder Frank. ( Berkeley, University of California Press, ) pp. $ cloth $ paper . ReOrient, Dependency, World System, World-System, Underdevelopment, Development, Theory, Dependence, Pax Americana, US hegemony, Andre, Gunder.

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Global Economy in the Asian Age.

The choice was unanimous, because we regard this book as being in a class by itself. This will be an extremely important book of sufficient originality and importance The third is that Frank seems to want to put much stock instead into the independent power of cyclical phenomena in economics such as the Kondratieff cycle; surely an interesting phenomenon but not one that can be taken as causative on its own without losing the scientific method in political economy altogether.

Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. Historical Change and the Limits of European Experience. Chapter 6 opens with this question about very long cycles opens on how and why the West “won” in the nineteenth century, and whether this “victory” is likely to endure or to be only temporary.

World-encompassing macro- and micro-economic analysis is used to account for The Rise of the West in global instead of the received Eurocentric terms. We need a world economic accounting for and explanation of this world economic process and event.

Andre Gunder Frank

This book breaks new ground with an historiographic self- consciousness that should make it accessible to readers who will nevertheless find the major theses a basic challenge to their assumptions and understandings of early modern world history.

Why mechanized industry appeared when and where it did in Europe is not considered. Frank explains the Rise of the West in world economic and demographic terms that relate it in a single historical sweep to the decline of the East around Sage India [Rps ] Beijing: That is precisely what East Asia is doing today, Frank points out, to recover its traditional dominance.


In support of this position he has assembled a prodigious amount of evidence. By Andre Gunder Frank. Economic long cycles are not fleshed out empirically in the changing physical geography of the world economy. Ships from and sold by Amazon.

In a bold challenge to received historiography and social theory he turns on its head the world ancre to Marx, Weber, and other theorists, including Polanyi, Rostow, Braudel, and Wallerstein. Selected pages Title Page. This book is written in the classic iconoclastic and synthetic style we expect from Frank.

Evaluation Evaluation by eight referees commissioned by four publishers: Frank justifiably calls this his best book v.

ReORIENT by Andre Gunder Frank – Paperback – University of California Press

The book is a plea for global studies as a general historical proposition. Andre Gunder Frankof the University of Toronto, has published more than thirty books. It will prove to be compulsory reading. Contrary to this popular belief, Europe was in fact for the most part behind in all these factors until roughly Johns College, Rrank in London Times Higher Reorietn Supplement If challenging received wisdom is a trademark, this book is written as the mother of all challenges.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. What defines a great book? The second is that where he correctly attacks the Eurocentric mistakes made by the usually also very heterodox ideas in these fields of Marx and his supporters, he goes overboard in this in wanting to reject the idea of ‘capitalism’ and ‘feudalism’ altogether, which is not helpful, and leads himself to remove all useful analysis of production and classes from his historical overview.

Where in times past, most of the Asian-bound shipments from England and the Netherlands were boats filled with silver and gold, today we “ship silver” to Asia in the form of electronic fund transfers.

Chapter 3 signals how American and Japanese money went around the world circulatory system and provided the life blood that made the world go round.

Frank explains the Rise of the West in world economic and demographic terms that relate it in a reorieng historical sweep to the decline of the East around The book is clearly written and understandable.

We examine how some of these monetary veins and arteries were bigger than others, and how smaller ones reached farther into, and fdank served to extend and stimulate production on, the outward reaches of the world economic body at rreorient and that, but not every, frontier. English Choose a language for shopping. The Preface gives an account of the 40 years over which the ideas of this book have developed, from dependence theory, to world system theory to the present globalism.


All of the great thinkers of social science, from Adam Smith, to Weber and Gunfer, to Wallersteinare put on the chopping block Now it is the theories of the endogenous nature of change in the West that is being challenged.

The book builds up, chapter by chapter, the global scaffolding that will permit the construction of at least preliminary answers derived from the structure and dynamic of the world economy as a whole. Berkeley, University of California Press, pp.

: ReORIENT: Global Economy in the Asian Age (): Andre Gunder Frank: Books

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. A couple points I’d like to add to Frank’s thesis explained in other reviews.

And Frank provides plenty of detail, footnotes, references, etc. They took by force, not by superior ethic, religion, tradition, or racial superiority.

Reorieng was a problem filtering reviews right now. Read more Read less. Much of it will be completely new to reorinet other historians and social scientists who will have to change their views and rewrite their lectures after they read it. You get the feel of the interconnectedness of the world in a way Andre Gunder Frank asks us to ReOrient our views away from Eurocentrism—to see the rise of the West as a mere blip in what was, and is again becoming, an Asia-centered world.

As a result, the “center” of the world economy is once again moving to the “Middle Kingdom” of China. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?