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Alternity all Book “Player’s Handbook” by Bill Slavicsek & Richard Baker. Alternity is a Science-Fiction “Role Playing Game” featuring Dark. Which future do you want to play? The Alternity Player’s Handbook provides everything you need to explore any type of science fiction, from modern-day. The Player’s Handbook, the companion volume to the Alternity Gamemaster Guide, contains everything players need to create SF heroes and play the Alternity.

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Its sufferers are called cykoteks, pronounced–and this is a direct quote playr the book–“psychotics. Gray rated it really liked it Dec 14, There’s a Deduce skill, which implies that it’s used for things the character knows but the player doesn’t. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Science-fiction poses a different problem because the scope is much larger.

While Dungeons and Dragons did have their own specific worlds, what I really liked about it was that you could, and were encouraged to, create your own. Sure, there are IPs that break this cycle, but they’re often less popular. Not alternlty able to replace too many parts shows up in tons of RPGs, but I haven’t really seen alterniy in much of the source material.

And much like characters, AI limits on how many skills they have leave them about on the level of a blind idiot savant–the best AI in the galaxy can handhook the best human in the galaxy at one specific subskill, but can’t do anything else. Plenty of equipment covering a variety of technological levels – computers, vehicles, starships, armor, weapons, and assorted gear.

There is a note that hackers can’t break into financial systems because they’re so secure, which is incredibly hilarious based on developments in the real world. The Player’s Handbook, the companion volume to the Alternity Gamemaster Guide, contains everything players need to create SF heroes and play the Alternity game, including: Itamar rated it liked it Feb 20, William rated it altermity it May 09, Hardcoverpages.


Alternity: Player’s Handbook by Bill Slavicsek

Essay on working out the details of running a Superhero Alternity game. There’s no agreed-upon standard for any of that, so it’s not surprising that TSR’s generic sci fi game was less popular than their flagship fantasy game. The way weapon damage and health are structured, a single shot will put someone into serious hurt, and a single well-aimed shot–an Amazing one, in the game’s terminology–will probably kill its target outright, unless the target is wearing armor.

Recommended to David by: Of course, it may also be because alterbity WotC picked it up, they killed it in short order after they acquired the Star Wars license to avoid competing with their own products. So, a starting character can buy 13 skills at level 1 out of several dozen skills, less if they want to buy any perks or broad skills other than the six everyone starts with.

Some helpful web sites to check out in preparing your own Alternity game. Mac Mathghamhna rated it it was ok Apr 19, Nektarios Papadakis rated it it was amazing Sep 02, Fractal Spectrum Issue Sci-fi in RPGs and video games lpayer been a harder sell than fantasy for quite a while.

No trivia or quizzes yet. An easy-to-learn game system designed around a unique dice mechanic.

What is possible technologically, and what is ridiculous: You could even create a amalgamation of all three though that would be quite difficult.

Psionics is pretty comprehensive, though the Biokinesis skill gets a bit far from conventional sci fi psychic powers. Creating a staff of glowing psychic light or absorbing other people’s diseases is a bit more supernatural than scientific–to the extent that psionics and scientific belong in the same handvook, anyway.

They wouldn’t be able to buy any other skills, or any of the advantages possible with level, such as acting faster or raising their attributes, or any new skills.


A new Carreer for Alternity games. There are separate skills for Perception and Intuition, with the first defined as things you could pick up on using your physical senses, and Intuition as things you could not apternity does lead to the question of how could one train their Intuition. The chapter on cybergear is basically straight Shadowrun, including the various modifications and the overall limitation on having too much chrome.

Alternity: Player’s Handbook

Alternity RPG 1 – 10 of 13 books. Joey rated it really liked it Dec 09, Anyway, most of the science-fiction roleplaying games tended to all be single alterniry games, based around usually Star Wars and while there may have been a Star Trek game around, I am not sure whether it playsr all that popular.

Advancement is pretty limited as well. There are a few problems that creep in due to its attempt to be generic, though. You can edit this page to create it. The last three chapters are all optional rules, containing mutations, psionics, and cybernetics.

The Alternity Player’s Handbook provides everything you need to explore any type of science fiction, from modern-day campaigns to far-future space operas.

Simple yet wide-ranging rules presented in a format that lets you add levels of complexity as desired. Dec 17, pookie rated it liked it Shelves: Rules for generating a wide variety of unique heroes – including five alien hero species. They are under separate broad skills, but still.

Wash is a good example of the guy mentioned above who dumps all his XP into a single skill. Bill rated it it was amazing May 14, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.