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Allgon dualband antenna specification. 1. AllgonAntenna SystemsNMT , ETACS , GSM , DCS , UMTS ; 2. Antennas. A Tradition of Quality Since Powerwave delivers antennas to cus- . Gain. Electrical. HBW. Number. Family. MHz. Number. dBi (dBd). Downtilt. Model. Type. Length. Width. Depth. Weight. , Panel, , , , , Panel, , , , , Panel, , , ,

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Today, TYRI releases a whole new generation of intelligent work lights based on wireless communication. For other devices we can supply a suitable adaptor.

US6295028B1 – Dual band antenna – Google Patents

The antenna as defined in claim 2wherein said patch elements are stacked one on top of the other in each combined antenna element.

Simplify your warehouse by stocking just one antenna for most applications. Not in stockordered only on customer request, down payment required, delay at c. Next generation intelligent work lights Today, TYRI releases a whole new generation of intelligent work lights based on wireless communication.

USB1 – Dual band antenna – Google Patents

The antenna has two N female antenna sockets, cables are not included. Our flat panel antennas are made from weatherproof aluminum, all mounting hardware is stainless steel. Used both the T and Spcification solvers to add an additional level of confidence in the predicted results.

Includes two waterproof rubber gaskets. Data sheet magnet base antenna Unfortunately this product is not available anymore. In stockshipped in 1 or two days. Two different models speciication available: For practical reasons, the groove is preferably defined by longitudinally extending, substantially planar wall portions, such as two side wall portions and an intermediate bottom wall portion, obtained by bending of a metallic sheet material, such as aluminium, preferably in one piece with the rest of the reflector device.


The antenna is weather protected with a solid glassfibre tube and specificatiin supplied complete with stainless hardware for mast or wall mounting.

The central portion 10 of the reflector device may be formed of a synthetic material, e. The antenna as defined in claim 1wherein said at least one combined antenna element comprises at least two patch elements. Drill hole diameter 14 mm when mounting from below.

Also, the front to back ratio of the radiated power has been improved, especially in the upper band. Angenna for a very wide range of frequencies: The supplied low loss cable has 5m length and is equipped with an SMA connector. Article Description Length Price High isolation dual polarized antenna system with microstrip-fed aperture coupled patches. Apecification can be installed from the outside and is protection class IP65 when installed.

As appears from FIG. The antenna as defined in claim 4wherein metallic shield wall elements extend transversely in a region between adjacent combined antenna elements in said linear array. Microwave power is fed from a feed network in two separate frequency bands, the microwave power in a first alglon band being fed via the aperture in the reflector device to a first radiating patch, and allgoh microwave power in a second frequency band the higher band being fed via the aperture in the reflector device and via a coupling patch and a likewise cross-shaped aperture in the first radiating patch to a second radiating patch, which is smaller and operates in the higher frequency band.


With a relatively high gain of up to 9 dBi the antenna is suitable for difficult conditions and weak signals. Accordingly, there is also a need for antennas being operable in two or more frequency bands, preferably also with dual polarization in order to accomplish a desired diversity of the radio frequency radiation received by the antenna.

The dual band antenna according to the invention, in the preferred embodiment shown in FIGS. The invention will now be explained further with reference specificatioon the appended drawings illustrating the above-mentioned preferred embodiment of the dual band antenna.

Ideal for flexible inhouse coverage with many different services. Easy installation on a ceiling, cabinet wall or similar. Resulting phase accuracy was with-in three degrees for the WiMAX beamforming antenna array. Moreover, in accordance with the present invention, the width of the beams radiated from the antenna towards the front side thereof upwards in the drawing figures is virtually the same in the two separate frequency bands.

Antenna element, feed probe; dielectric spacer, antenna and method of communicating with a plurality of devices. Each first antenna element 5 b is located close to an associated one 6 b of the second antenna elements on a front side of the reflector device so as to define first and second radiation beams.