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Alec Newald is a famous contactee from New Zealand. He wrote a book about his experiences, called Co-evolution. Alec Newald went missing for 10 days when he was taken to an alien planet. In this video, he recounts his life-changing experience and. One Monday in mid-February , Alec Newald departed on what should have been a three-hour flight from Rotorua to Auckland, in New.

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Sometimes a verbal sound message is necessary in long distance. Each building in turn was topped with what I can only describe as a large light bulb. The bottom line is that the process has been too slow, and up to now has not done the job.

That is how much we have evolved in different directions since the early colonists left your planet. You may recognize this entity if I refer to it as the soul or spirit. They were neeald the first [aliens]to visit. His communication with me was also much stronger and clearer than I had experienced with any of the others.

However, some or all of this knowledge may have to be removed from you, should you decide to aalec us and return to your own planet.

Alec Newald — The Man Who Lived With Extraterrestrials for 10 Days » The Event Chronicle

These meditative states would last for an hour or two each day. By this I mean you bend them, even break them, to fit your needs. Some of them look really interesting and I saved them to my watch list. If you could imagine a stealth fighter cockpit without wings, you would not be far off the mark. The reason for this doubt shall soon become apparent to you. You will understand I hope. The furniture looked to be made from the now quite familiar glass or plastic substance.

I knew that some form of crystalline technology, possibly using a pulsed resonance or vibrational frequency along newa,d temperature variations, was being used to go interdimensional. From start to finish it one of the best documented and illustrated abduction experiences that I have ever read.


This may have helped remove any glare, for I can assure you there was none. My panic soon eased, however and curiosity won the day. Even from well up I could not make out the boundaries.

External Links No external links were found. For this question, we ourselves do not have such an answer. Some buildings resembled those on Earthbut the outer walls were sloped back at approximately thirty-degree angles alrc set back some distance at each floor level, making them look more like steps up a hill.

She did not say who or what might be behind these battles or be the cause of them.

You will be amazed at what will happen from then on. We can truly become great friends once you learn to break free. All the buildings appeared to be made of glass or plastic. You will find them and they will find you. There were no wheels, and it sat a few inches above the ground, even though it was not yet in motion. At the present rate, it may take more time than we have to spare on our crippled planet! The air was still and amazingly quiet.

Alec Newald, the Man who lived with Extraterrestrials for 10 days in their Ship (Video)

Early on in that fateful trip, while driving through a foggy mountain pass, Alec was whisked from the road by beings from an extraterrestrial civilization. Do not interrupt yet, please. To say it was a truly amazing sight is grossly inadequate! And our technology trade-off would make life so much easier for your population. Reflected from even deeper within were all the colors of the rainbow, not unlike a mother of pearl seashell.

If you could imagine a stealth fighter cockpit without wings, you would not be far off the mark. There are things we cannot tell you at this point in time.


Exopaedia :: Newald, Alec

But how do we fight this force aoec we cannot see it or know where it is? Pressure upon the New Zealand authorities led to Alec being set-up in a minor car buying ring and resulted in a 12 month jail sentence, of which he had to serve 6 months. We feel a real kindred or bonding for your people.

I cannot say it was hypnotic; if anything, the opposite.

Yes, it is that close! The last thing really to make an impact upon me was the lack of tall buildings, save for the odd tower or two, and the dominicance of a small circular shapes among a few larger pyramid shaped constructions. It became impossible to continue on as before. While I have tried to keep any speculation on my part to a minimum, if I have included any it nwald not my intention.

As time passes Alec is introduced to several beings that begin aec explain the situation he’s entered. From time to time there were conflicts with other ET races as to what was best for one or the other, just as there are conflicts on your planet now, among your own kind.

Hardly more than a minute had passed since we had entered the atmosphere, but alev the craft had already settled. The top half was transparent but heavily tinted, the bottom, opaque and greyish brown.

It stretched out in both directions, following the coastline out of my line of sight. Indeed, it was not until I had stepped out of the transporter that I realised there must have been some sort of background noise on newalv although I’d not noticed it at the time.

So we are what you would call dimensional time-travellers.