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ALCOHOL CONTENT DETERMINATION – authorSTREAM Presentation. density, if you have density of your initial product you can estmate and also build a curve using etanol to the mix and know the final density later. If you know the. Two methods are adopted for the estimation of this. In one Traditionally, determination of alcohol in galenicals is carried out by distillation method followed by.

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As used herein, the terms “disinfectant” and “antiseptic” refer to those mixtures which are applied to skin for the purpose of killing bacteria and microorganisms on the skin. Add 50ml of water and distill. The distillate equal to the volume of original sample is collected. These alcohol compositions are very drying to the skin, evaporate quickly, and are easily spilled due to their watery nature. For example, there may be mentioned Klucel HF and Klucel EF, which are hydroxypropyl cellulose ethers having molecular weights of about 1, and 60, respectively.

Distill whole of the aqueous solution containing brine solution. These suspensions were mixed together to give a mixed inoculum of approximately 10 9 microorganisms per ml. This method is useful for examining most fluid extracts and tinctures, provided ; The capacity of the distilling flask is sufficient commonly two to four times the volume of the liquid to be heated Rate of distillation is such that clear distillates are produced.

One of two pieces of skin was inoculated with 0. The hides were washed using cold water and dehaired using a large animal clipper. Take 25ml of the galeincals in the distillation flask. The alcohol-soluble viscosifying agent should be added to an alcohol composition at a dosage of from about 0. Each value reported represents a separate observation series.


A measured volume of test solution was added near the center of two thicknesses of Take the distillate 2ml less than the original sample. There estimatjon two methods for the determination of alcoholic contents. Antimicrobial film-forming composition, antimicrobial film, and method of verifying the presence of an antimicrobial film. Add 10ml of internal standard Alcohop for each 6ml of alcohol. From the chromatogram obtained, we can calculate the percentage of alcohol as by using the following formula: Add known concentration of internal standard acetone or acetonitrile unless otherwise specified in each.


Prior to use, each pigskin was tested for the presence of residual antibiotics. Newer Post Older Post Home. The method used was to randomly cut plugs, using a 7 cork borer, from the hide being tested and place them skin side down onto individual agar plates seeded with the test organisms. Bring the temperature at which the procedure was started.

High alcohol content foaming compositions comprising an anionic phosphate fluorosurfactant. Compare the peak response ratio. In most of the galenical preparations, alcohol is used. Weight readings were made each 30 seconds over a ni period demonstrating uniformity of loss over this period. Loss of alcohol by evaporation should be minimized. Any alcohol-soluble viscosifying agent can be used.

A method for enhancing galenicalx efficacy of an alcohol-based skin disinfectant containing about 30 to 90 percent, based on total composition weight, of at least one alcohol selected from the group consisting of n-propyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol comprising adding about 0. The improved alcohol-based antiseptics thus obtained are also claimed.

This method is suitable for examining most fluid extracts and tinctures, provided the capacity of distillation flask galenicaks sufficient commonly times the volume of the liquid to be distilled and the rate of distillation is such that clear distillates are produced.

More preferably, the viscosifiers produce viscosities of about 50 to about cps in the final compositions.

Hydroxypropyl cellulose polymers substantially reduce evaporation loss, thereby improving antibacterial efficacy. The instant invention is directed to a method for enhancing the efficacy of alcohol-based skin disinfectants or antiseptics comprising adding about 0. This mixed inoculum was further diluted to give either 10 7 or 10 5 organisms per ml depending upon the test conditions desired.


Compositions having enhanced deposition of a topically active compound on a surface. Alcohol-based skin disinfectants and antiseptics are well-known in the art. These examples demonstrate evaporation retardation and the improved antibacterial activity of the instant invention. Add 70ml of water. Introduction Method I must be used for the determination of alcohol, unless otherwise specified in individual monograph.

These salts then do not interfere with ethanol evaporation in distillation process.

In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation. Add sufficient amount of distilled water to the distillate to make volume 25ml.

The present invention employs a viscosifying agent to retard alcohol evaporation, thereby allowing more efficient use of alcohols as skin disinfectants or antiseptics.

Inject appropriate quantity into the apparatus. Take 25ml in a container galnicals stopper.

US5288486A – Alcohol-based antimicrobial compositions – Google Patents

Upload from Desktop Single File Upload. Add equal volume of water and distill. Calculated the specific gravity and noted its percentage from the table given in B.

From an antimicrobial standpoint, n-propyl alcohol is better than isopropyl alcohol, which in turn is better than ethyl alcohol.

Prevent bumping during distillation by adding porous chips of insoluble material such as small pieces of broken glass, glass beads, porous chips or silicon carbide. Film-forming compositions of antihyperalgesic opiates and method of treating hyperalgesic conditions therewith.

Solution containing free iodine must be treated with; 1- Powdered zinc zinc iodide will be formed 2- Decolorize with sufficient sodium thiosulfate solution followed by few drops of sodium hydroxide. Take the distillate 2ml less than the double amount of sample. The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites.