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Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Elegant Gypsy – Al Di Meola on AllMusic – – Guitarist Al di Meola’s second record as a. Elegant Gypsy is a music studio album recording by AL DI MEOLA (Jazz Rock/ Fusion/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette. Al DiMeola’s second album Elegant Gypsy () proved to become one of the defining albums in Fusion.

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The song ends as it began.

Elegant Gypsy

It feels exactly like you are in a speeding automobile; and the impressive layers of guitar music in the Elegant Gypsy Suite, which, by the way, is the song that sounds the closest to traditional progressive rock.

It features fantastic interplay between Al’s guitars, Jan Hammer’s electric piano, and percussion, courtesy of Mingo Lewis. A difference between Return To Forver and Di Meola’s solo works is that there are more acoustic guitars in his solo work.

A fairly insignificant acoustic guitar short piece follows, then the album plunges into the title track suite, which is need the album’s highlight with Flight Over Rio. Fortunately I continued listening and was rewarded with hypsy performances on Midnight Tango and who can forget the acoustic guitar duet with Paco De Lucia on Mediterranean Sundance?

Elegant Gypsy – Wikipedia

That is simeola enough. De Lucia and DiMeola lay down impossibly complex riffs using God knows how many effects, and Jan Hammer’s solo is one of his finest performances. This is in my opinion a good, but non-essential album.

It makes a nice break on the album after the dense musicianship previously.

Do you remember Wakeman and Steve dueling on the Yes tour? Indeed, EG draws on the same kind of fusion jazz-rock of Return To Forever, crossed with Santana’s better moments from Caravanserai to Borboletta and Mahavishnu Orchestra’s first period.


Al Di Meola Elegant Gypsy 180g Import LP

This is the album which has introduced me to fusion and I’m grateflu to Al too have open my mind and ears to this genre. The arrangements are kitch in my opinion. One thing that I’ve always found bad on Al di Meola’s music, specially on the live with McLaughlin and DeLucia is that the excessive technicalities make the music sound “cold” even when Latin.

There are many different points in th The composition on this album is what might be interesting for the listener of progressive music. Flight Over Rio kicks off with a meditative eastern flavour before turning into a surging jazz rock attack that any fan off the genre will instantly devour.

Midnight Tango is, as the name implies, a tango inspired song where Al uses his proficient guitar abilities to merge the Latin rhythm with jazz rock, resulting in a very interesting combination of both. I especially love that muted guitar riff that occurs after a heavy riff somewhere close to the end of the song. I would also like to give high praise to the musicians that appeared on this album, particularly bassist Anthony Jackson who reminds a lot to Stanley Clarke at times with the power chords.

Things slowly decelerate and it ends right where the song began. The music is often highly complex yet somehow very melodic and accessible. However it’s very tricky.

Al seamlessly fuses jazz, latin music, and guitar-based rock into one of the three best fusion albums of all time the other two being Mahavishnu’s Dimeolaa of Fire and Bruford’s One of a Kind. After some great soloing, another fabolous riff melts you, gives you a thousand goosebumps, and floors you. Songs here have a Latin feel to them, and we’re given plenty of variety in tempo and composition, constantly keeping things interesting.


Another similarity is that the keyboards, drums and basses are all played with enormous skill and feeling. Al doesn’t indulge too much in solos and fast legatos as he usually does during live performances. The whole song is highlighted by stately and captivating bass tones, with a great guitar harmony to close things out. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker.

All the musicians in this record are at least excellent pay close attention to the drummersand Al Dimeola is a guitar God. The work of Jackson at bass is remarkable, but of course all the musicians must be skilled to play this kind of music for this kind of artist.

As so much has rimeola said, I will simply say that if you a guitarist, aspiring guitarist, or guitar enthusiast, you can not miss this album. What’s not to love!? Several years before “Plays Piazzolla”, Midnight Tango is not properly what the title says. The guitar picking gets frenetic later and there is a soaring lead break that spins wildly out of control, and leaves me breathless.

In spite of the whole album being filled with them, there are three in particular that amaze me every single time I listen to them: The acoustic piece Mediterranean Sundance were Paco De Lucia guests is also outstanding and very beautiful. Al di Meola has been regarded, both in jazz gypsh and elsewhere, as one of the best guitarists of all time. The composition is strong, the instrumentation is good, but it’s style is so polished and non-authentic.

A little gupsy 5 minutes is a frantic, insanely fast section with dual guitars, soon followed along by bass and keyboards.