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AIMCAT Solutions – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. AIMCAT Solutions. Uploaded by. Tamal Saamnta. Booking slot for AIMCAT has commenced. Were you able to give the exam?next non. invigilated me fool proof solution de dunga abi can’t say may be. Aimcat solutions pdf. Prospectus Download on papers from AIIMS PG Entrance examinations from year is attached.

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Surely yes, talk to your center coordinator. But I have heard that actual CAT had a total marks of Sir, i have been attending the classes regularly from Dec Depends on what range of percentile you are getting in the AIMCATs, the lower percentilers would remain at that level, the higher ones get a better percentile in the actual test, given the same level of performance.

Where are the shortcuts to such questions in the material? I screwed up English. Make sure you read all the RCs, attempt what you can and move on.

There will be around 2 to 3 questions on Sentence Correction. Concentrate on reading and critical reading. Then you should also read through the data quicly to grasp what is being presented. Bt after analysing the aimcats i found that i could have done most of the problems without time constraints but somehow fail to do so in the aimcats.


Dear Sam, better way of learning words is by coming across them while reading passages. But,then also my sec2 marks are sinking down continously. Reading on a daily basis will help you do well.

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AIMCAT 1319: Discussion thread

The second time I’m posting my question. You also have to be regular to classes as we concentrate on giving basics and important tips to perform better in your exam.

A lot of students, many of whom are in the various IIMs, face the same dilemma esp in the initial stages. Once you solve the exercise problems applying the methods learnt in the class, then you would find it more instinctive when solving the AIMCAT qns.

Pls refer to the same. Refer to the inputs on reading sources and overall strategy for Verbal discussed at various points in the chat. Don’t worry about the marks. Have you analyzed which sub-areas you are going wrong in? Hello Kavya, This question has been answered at various points in the chat. Could you please answer it? How do you rate my performance? Best viewed on x resolution. Practice the methods learnt in the speed math class.

Do not worry about Vocabulary so much. From a something rank to a something rank now.

Chat Transcript

Then check the responses of all questions. Sir,what are the imp areas to be concentrated for va section.


I find Number Systems to be a little tricky. And apart from reading Newspapers, and Time materialwaht other sources can one use to improve his RC? There is a way to approach R. Is it common for every one or shall I improve my skills.

That’s where the speed maths concepts are helpful and probably you’re missing a trick or two, talk to your faculty with your aimcat analysis. Sirhow to decide whether to attempt a question or not which we are not sure of? There’s a lot of time available to aimcay upon the colleges, right now just concentrate on improving your aimcat score and eventually performing well in CAT.

For getting call in IIMwhat percentile is required minimum? Also give a lot of practice sectional tests. No, but it’ll surely help you. SUNIL–i am an ex student. So, it is inappropriate to say if one section resembled that of CAT or not. The mantra for improvement is the same. Confusable words – refer to T. However, you may start aimact more emphasis on accuracy for the first 2 or three AIMCATs but will need to focus on nu,mber of attempts also after that.