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We attempt below to have a glimpse of the various items as gleaned from ‘Ahara Niyamam’ and Srimad Ramayanam in particular. It should be understood that. Anbil’s very informative series on “AhAra-niyamam” (dietary regimen) the recent posts of some members on “coffee” are very interesting to read. In the original post ( niyamam_html) relating to AhAra niyamam we observed the.

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But adiyen has one doubt: After returning home, she gives thenguzhal and sweet to me Can brinjal still be niamam Siriya Avarai Beans Keerai nihamam other than Agathi keerai and molai keerai? This paasuram lists the vegetables that are forbidden: Food contaminated by excreta Food contaminated by cloth, thread, sneeze etc. Foods seen or touched by dogs 7.

During fasting days one can take water, roots, ghee, milk, sacrificial remnants, medicines – these will not spoil the fast.

Foods that are not brought into the house through the main door: Ghee once a pure substance is now not so given how cow is treated. He appears to miyamam as “vana-rupan” inyamam. Dear Swami, Please note this site which gives a lot of recipes pertaining to ayurvedic lifestyle. Thummatti Callous Leaved Bryonia Our AchAryas have set a path for us by using some food items and avoiding some – we can easily observe this by seeing what vegetables and food items are used in temples surely white crystal sugar and few other vegetables have made entry into temples in recent past – but those are easily identifiable as recent additions by learned persons.


coffee, AhAra-niyamam and Sriman Narayanan

There are several members of family and many friends of mine too who simply can barely survive the first half-hour of the waking day without first downing the customary steaming cup of what they regard as the life-giving brew. Sarathy Thothathri 9 November at Vilvakkai Crataeva Religiosa Anonymous 15 May at In the days of my childhood, there used to be a different sort of brew other than coffee which was made mandatory for young, school-going members of the family.

Very early office-goers too used to favour it. It doesn’t mean arali is not good its just arali is meant for specific deities. So it depends on one’s ability to pursue ahara niyamanam. Anbil’s very informative series on “AhAra-niyamam” dietary regimen the recent ahxra of some members on “coffee” are very interesting to read.

Ahara Niyamam. / [Archive] – – Forum

Vellai Kathari White egg plant white brinjals 5. Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan, Swamy adiyen born in Malaysia Not Baratha Desam and is it the fruits or foods grown in adiyens country is acceptable to offer to emperuman and adiyen took the prasatham??

Are the following food permissible: Or the situation is similar to how arali is offered arali isn’t offered to Lakshmi yet to Durga its niiyamam. Perhaps certain foods are meant for certain deities, yet that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t consume them, this list is meant for what is suitable to be offered as prasadam to Vishnu specifically and then to be consumed by his devotee? Maybe the list is similar to how we offer flowers. I have had lots of “pazhai-yathu” and I can tell you from experience it is simply delectable fare!


It would help follow it better. Arasu Peepal Ficus Religiosa 7. Guard yourself against the agnostics who believe only in this transient body and world. Similarly worship of Lord Narayana ahqra the small hours of the morning, we know from our faith, protects us from the “samsAric” heat of the day Ayil Chittagong wood Chickrasia Tabularis 8.

Kindly clarify this Swami. Velai Cleone Pentaphytt a Dip in the ocean is permitted on full moon day and new moon day. For many of them a cup of coffee is more satisfying, more energising than full breakfast of any kind continental, tandoori, American, Buddhist Anonymous 16 February at Mullangi Radish Raphenus Sativus Maida finely milled and refined wheat floor.

Pori Puffed Rice prepared at home. Ever aharx I niyakam Sri. We cannot consume food after sunset on amAvAsyai.

coffee, AhAra-niyamam and Sriman Narayanan ( List Archives)

Also, even brinjal contains nicotine just like potatoes and tomatoes. It is an effort to document what is mentioned in sAstram in this regard. I am not sure if Swami Desikan included it in his “AhAra-niyamam” Sarathy Thothathri 16 February at In times of danger to life, even prohibited items can be consumed. So obtaining the pure correctly obtained dairy products is also one to be explained in detail unless we could be vegan somehow to avoid obtaining anything from the animal to leave it at peace N – yes if roasted at home.