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After Capitalism. A presentation of the main points of the book by David Schweickart Schweickart’s ‘Successor System Theory’. □ It should be concrete . After Capitalism by David Schweickart (Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, MD, ) pages, $70 hardcover, $ paperback. ARE TODAY’S MOVEMENTS. Liberal, democratic capitalism as the end of history? Not necessarily. After Capitalism argues that there are forces developing in the world today that might.

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Thanks schweicckart telling us about the problem. Ironically, Schweickart declares himself early in the book to be a historical materialist. He uses all these as resources, but he returns to American soil to work out his basic ideas and proposals Economic Instability, Environmental Degradation, Democracy 5.

Schweickart presents a reform program, consisting mostly of government regulations, which can be fought for before a final end to capitalism. He writes here cpitalism he speaks: Business credit is essentially abolished, so there are no stocks and bonds. The new edition includes a new preface, completely updated data, reorganized chapters, and new sections on the economic instability of capitalism, the current economic crisis, and China.

Readers who finish this book not yet ready to embrace Schweickart’s vision for the future nonetheless will have a afher richer understanding of the current crisis, the underlying causes of the crisis, and alternative possibilities. Really great economics book, describes an apparently workable market-based system which is not “capitalism”, nor is it a “command economy”.

Contents Counterproject SuccessorSystem Revolution. After Capitalism is, he said recently, one of the more recent incarnations of a book which he began as his second doctoral dissertation and continued in Capitalism and Worker Control?

We apparently are to assume that, in the light of recent schweickkart, the understanding of capitalism as three separable components will suffice to analyze its problems and construct a successor system.

David Schweickart’s “After Capitalism”

The theory of Economic Democracy ought to be examined for its own sake. This book gave me hope that another future is possible. Jun 04, Lyndon rated it really liked it Shelves: Collective farming Reforestation Winemaking Wheat pool.


Account Options Sign in. Which is to say, it requires a left-wing political party to win sufficient control as to be able to legislate such a system from the top of the national political apex, while glossing over the inevitable resistance parties with a vested interest in the maintenance of the present system would put up.

If you’ve ever wondered wchweickart we can do better than capitalism, read this book! Many have dismissed the thinking as “the best argument possible for a system Still have not finished the last chapter or two on implementation.

Extreme inequalities but not all dwvid will be eliminated. Briefly, though, if the market is to guarantee that workers will produce what society needs without squandering or misallocating available labor time, there must be pressure among competing enterprises to undersell one another.

References to this book Promise of Memory, The: Each enterprise is taxed for the capital employed. Moreover, Schweickart argues, the transition from capitalism to Economic Democracy will not require a thorough social restructuring and can be carried out on a national scale by way of a few major reforms implemented by an elected radical government.

After Capitalism – David Schweickart – Google Books

My library Help Advanced Book Search. In the first edition of After ShcweickartSchweickart sought to present his case in a manner accessible to a general audience and to academic specialists.

He does explain that the alternative of central planning can be criticized on the grounds that it leads to authoritarianism ddavid is fatally inefficient, and he refers his readers to the recent debates over the market for a fuller discussion. If there are insufficient opportunities for productive and job-creating expansion of capacity, a portion of the social investment fund will be simply be returned to the firms who paid the capital tax, who will then distribute it to their workers to be spent on consumer goods.

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But Marx worked out his concepts to arrive at conclusions about how we can expect the system to develop. Although Marx’s critique of capitalism was, for the most part, powerful, he famously failed to pro We humans are pragmatic beings and when life throws a problem at us we don’t submit to it easily but try to solve it, and aftter, after many failures, we find a solution, though, usually, one that brings with it new problems, which we then in turn try to solve, and so on it goes, an endless, dialectical existence that moves us from one problem to another, the latest of which happens to be capitalism.

Jan 29, Teilo London rated it it was amazing.

David Schweickart

His main concern is to convince people of the possibility of socialism, arguing, so to speak, to his right, and he presents no case against the anti-market left. As has often been pointed out by radical and non-radical economists, however, ater profits — even if distributed as dividends — represent essential financial strength that allows firms to get the edge on their competition as well as giving them a positive incentive to expand. After Capitalism by David Schweickart provides clear and compelling answers to all three, delivered in a wonderfully engaging and understandable style.

But he does not examine the social forces that might maintain, or erode, the rules themselves. He is the author of Capitalism or Worker Control and articles on social, political, and economic philosophy. Co-operative economics Cooperative federalism Distributism Economic democracy Mutualism Neo-capitalism Owenism Social enterprise Socialism Socially responsible investing Solidarity economy.