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Patricia Carroll OCSO draws our attention to Aelred of Rievaulx, a Cistercian saint and spiritual writer who specialised in writing about friendship as an image of. Spiritual Friendship has ratings and 39 reviews. Sally said: This short book was written in the form of a dialog between the author, Aelred ( He saw that his reluctance to part from his friends at court, delayed his adopting his monastic calling. For Aelred, the source.

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Aelred of Rievaulx – Wikipedia

An online source of Information and Inspiration. I will refe A true gem Rievauxl that proviso, what stands out: Inhe was elected abbot of Rievaulx itself, [10] a position he was to hold until his death.

Extant works [22] by Aelred include:. Among spiritual writers, I think that Aelred of Rievaulx has been largely overlooked. For Aelred, God is pure reciprocity, and in heaven we shall know what this is in all its fulness.

These are probably based on actual discussions or on the difficulties Aelred had encountered in his ministry as abbot. It is a library book, not a lazy-boy book – so let’s set it on a desk between our elbows, take a pencil in hand, and let this book teach us some new questions.

Aelred of Rievaulx Latin: And what was it that I delighted in, but to love, and be loved? Aelred also implicitly shows the dangers of friendship through the squabbling of Gratian and Walter. The decision of whether or not to do wrong for the sake of a friend is almost a non-issue for Aelred: Feb 16, Karen rated it really liked it. For the most part, these years represent an intense interest in Religious life in Northern Europe.


So, we should be asking ourselves questions like: Further, Aelred’s intentional approach to choosing friends disregards the joys of spontaneity in finding friends. During his abbacy he built Rievaulx into a place of spiritual welcome and physical prosperity, desiring to make it “a mother of mercy” to those in need.

The conversation at first seems to be slow; the text discusses theory, but the style gives FOr me it is an excellent read that will provide the basis for fu I got friendshop in this book through reading Eve Tushnet’s Gay and Catholic because she talks about models of friendship as a spiritual frinedship for all Catholics to think about. During the early weeks of our course I was particularly struck by an overriding 6 B.

Aelred of Rievaulx

He draws upon nuggets of friendship wisdom from Cicero, St. As Roby points out, Aelred perhaps differently than Cicero intended uses the term “good will” for “a rational and voluntary choice to benefit someone”, and he uses the term “charity” to mean “the enjoyment of our natural affection toward someone. However, seeming irrelevance can be therapeutic for our friendships.

Much wisdom and insight here on the subject of friendship. Identifies the characteristics of a worthy and conversely, unworthy friendship.

Aelred came from a rievaullx of married priests, his father and grandfather both ministered in Hexham, the last of a dying generation as Rome sought to impose its standard on the far western Celtic Christian tradition.

It became clear at an early stage of his monastic life that Aelred had a gift for directing others, a capacity which was marked by compassion and gentleness.

He has willed, Because Aelred’s treatise responds to Cicero’s treatise on friendship, I’m at a disadvantage, at least until I read the Cicero. If a person had to ask me what is the best book on friendship, I would not hesitate to point to this work.


It took me a long time to realize that my heart longed for something more—for that true friendship that Aelred describes. In gievaulx personal development old and new conduct is an amicable dialogue.

The work itself is only 76 pages, there is a 50 page scholarly introduction put on to the start of the book. This treasure trove of wisdom is certainly useful in coming to a deeper appreciation of the riches we have or should desire to have in our friends.

Hosted and Designed by GetOnline. Aelred had just offered the whole of creation as a mirror to teach rievqulx yet here, with animals, he switches to having animals imitate humans; he refuses to let nonhuman animals instruct humans and insists on human primacy. In terms cultivating true friendship, Aelred advises “the beginnings of spiritual friendship ought to possess, first of all, purity of intention, the direction of reason and the restraint of spirituxl Book 2: Friendshlp pastoral truth is that people slide into friendships with each other.

Aelred’s early education was probably at the cathedral school at Durham, before going to the court in Roxburgh. In this knowledge we should choose one who is fit to be the companion of your soul, to whom you can entrust yourself as to another self.