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Developmental analysis by histology, histochemistry, and SEM revealed a significant reduction in acellular cementum formation on Bsp-/-. Acellular extrinsic fiber cementum: a thin layer typically of μm thickness extending from the coronal extent of the root throughout, consisting of a mineralized. Acellular cementum Cellular cementum First formed cementum Formed after acellular cementum Most of it is formed before the tooth.

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CMSC is partitioned by many, intensely stainable incremental lines. In addition, many epithelial sheath cells are embedded near the cemento-dentinal junction in rat cellular cementogenesis [36][37]. The traditional view was that certain interfaces dominated in certain oral cavities.

Lack of PDL-tooth anchorage was followed by PDL disorganization, epithelial down-growth, and tooth and alveolar bone resorption. Cementoblasts have long been believed to derive from mesenchymal dental follicle [3][45][55][56]. Nevertheless, based on the delayed mineralization and cell inclusion, the second group considers the cemento-dentinal junction in rat teeth to correspond to the intermediate cementum in human teeth. AAC is found as isolated patches or as the most cervical part of AEFC on enamel just coronal to the cemento-enamel junction [3][7][8].

Cementoblasts as well as fibroblasts extend wing- or plate-like processes and surround the immature fibril bundles. In compact bone, the structure is considered to resist stresses from various directions [46].

Deficiency in Acellular Cementum and Periodontal Attachment in Bsp Null Mice

Fiber fringe with maximum density is established. According to this model, all collagen fibrils run parallel in a given plane, and their direction rotates from plane to dementum.


The extrinsic fibers of CIFC often contain an unmineralized central core, surrounded by a highly mineralized cortical part [3][7]. Periostin is essential for the integrity and function of the periodontal ligament during occlusal loading in mice. Evidence for rapid multipolar and slow unipolar production of human cellular and acellular cementum matrix with intrinsic fibers.

The alternative epithelial hypothesis has now almost surpassed the classical mesenchymal hypothesis, because the alternative epithelial hypothesis can explain why epithelial sheath cells decrease in number during epithelial sheath disintegration aecllular[57][58][59]. The incorporation of epithelial cells by cementum.

A study of the structure, chemical nature, and development of cementum in the rat. It is presently unknown whether all extrinsic fibers in CIFC have such a core. Cementum may be found both on the root as well as the crowns of teeth. There have been no investigations which have detected the chemical composition separately in individual cementum types.

Sharpey fibers are part of the principal collagenous fibers of the periodontal ligament embedded in the cementum and alveolar bone to attach the tooth to the alveolus. Cementum [1] is a specialized calcified substance covering the root of a tooth. In conclusion in this section, the intermediate cementum is a part of dentin, not cementum, and this term may be reconsidered to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Composition of organic matrix There have been no investigations which have detected the chemical composition separately in individual cementum types.

Transmission electron micrograph showing the extrinsic fiber-rich CIFC surface in a tangential section through the cementum surface. Root development in mice lacking functional tissue non-specific alkaline phosphatase gene: In some portions, findings from rat cementogenesis will be used supplementally and to a minimum.

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They play important roles in the mineralization process, binding collagen fibrils and hydroxyapatite. Their high density in AEFC is probably associated with its slower formation speed.


Discussion BSP is an extracellular matrix protein present in bone and cementum. However, its function and origin have not yet been determined. Three possible origins have been proposed [7]: Ends of the fibrils intermingles with predentin matrix fibers.

Schroeder [3] and Yamamoto [10][27] agreed with this conclusion.

The periodontal ligament fibers develop further and change their arrangement to form principal fibers Fig. Two types of lamellae, i.

The cementum is the part of the periodontium that attaches the teeth to the alveolar bone by anchoring the acellulzr ligament. Methods Mol Biol Phosphorylation of Ser is critical for potent bone sialoprotein-mediated nucleation of hydroxyapatite crystals.

They move the processes synchronously and periodically and cause a periodic change in intrinsic fiber arrangement.

Cementum – Wikipedia

At the same time cementym secrete fibrils along the finger-like processes to fill the spaces around the principal fibers. These fibrils are therefore randomly arranged in the initial CIFC and intermingle with predentin matrix fibers.

Unlike ameloblasts and odontoblastswhich leave no cellular bodies in their secreted products, during the later steps within the stage of appositionmany of the cementoblasts become entrapped by the cementum they produce, becoming cementocytes. Therefore, in the in vivo studies epithelial cell rests and embedded epithelial cells were probably misidentified as cementoblasts and cementocytes, respectively.