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SAP AG AC ” MIGRATION (Implementation of New G/L) = PROJECT SAP strongly recommends that you implement the New G/L and use it to handle. Future SAP Support of the Classic General Ledger and AC New (flexible) general ledger, AC Migration to new G/L accounting, Additional. SAP FICO General Ledger Consultant, projects and jobs for freelancer and IT with AC SAP Training Course; Data Migration skills and previous experience .

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Please note the following when creating a project: On the toolbarclick the Execute pushbutton: If you are using migration scenarios 3 or 5, document splitting must be post-processed for OIs in phase 0. In some countries such as Indiayou have to create separate a212 sheets for various smaller subsidiaries that are nevertheless mapped in one company code.

The real meaning appears in the dialog box on the right: This means that, theoretically, the payment document should have be included in the validation as the system still does not know the account assignments of the two cash discount lines.

SAP is convinced that the new general ledger offers its customers considerable advantages. We even recommend for you to use the Error message validation level by the migration date. You can see whether there is an assignment to a ledger group by checking the document header or by displaying the ledger group field in the document display.

You are now able to: The table structure in the new general ledger can be extended flexibly.

Search for your relevant FI-AA documents in the selection ac122 of the mass reversal program using the document type selection field. These are not problems that have to be solved in the context of production migration.


Migration to the New | Anil Kangotra –

A Release migration plan and keep company code assignment – New package store – Immediately execute activity Customizing of Package via Transport Request A2c12 – You will see a dialog box with the available migration plans and can select a migration plan.

Both optional activities in this subphase are not connected to status management and, therefore, receive neither a status traffic light nor a counter entry when executed successfully. The international accounts are listed in balance sheet section IV. At first, registered users are only “guests” who are not allowed to work in the Migration Cockpit. When another setup phase activity is started beforehand, the Customizing of Package via Transport Request activity can no longer be executed.

Probably not, as you should use an up-to-date copy of your PROD to do this. E-mail to newGLMigration sap.

Migration to the New General Ledger

SAP is aware of this discrepancy and is working on a solution. The date from which In this context, the complete posting data is incorporated in SAP predefines: In this example, the cash discount account must be given a default account assignment constant for processes not assignedotherwise the document cannot be migrated.

Standard reports are available for all the purposes listed above. This idea has meanwhile become obsolete: This is generally possible, but it requires, in addition to the actual migration activities, a large amount of further conceptional and system configuration work as well as, in most cases, customer-side BAdI implementations.

Cost Cost center center isis also also assigned assigned and and isis used used to to derive derive the functional the functional area area SAP AG The slide shows the expert mode for the document splitting simulation, which can also be controlled later in migration phase 2 when you create documents.


The sample implementation in AC reads the OI and determines whether the account assignments for characteristics business area or profit center are unique.

Szkolenia SAP

The individual business transactions are described in detail in the slide notes. You can also easily simulate whether the adaptation was successful.

With the classic general ledger you first have to perform a depreciation area switch — target status: In the case of AC this at least includes postings in ledger N1 company code AA30 with document types: Is the document splitting validation activated? Migration Based on Migration Scenario 2 Unit An important reason for this recommendation is: Test migration s with the Migration Cockpit in a test system — see slide notes.

Valuation expense to retained earnings account to the amount of EUR As soon as a package ID is displayed in the Migration Server Overview, this means it has been saved to the database. The local capitalization amount of 10, Active package Inactive package Please turn over Document number Fiscal year Result: In migration scenarios 4 and 5, that is, the future use of several ledgers, you must also observe SAP Note in this same context.