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Title: ABB – Installer Products Introduction, Author: Michael James, Name: ABB Fully conform to IEC (Active energy) Direct connected OD Up to. Buy ABB LCD Digital Power Meter, 7-Digits, 3 Phase, ±2 % Accuracy 2CMAR – OD or other digital-power-meters online from RS for next day. ABB’s broad program of standardized products and components OD IR. No. Yes. Class B (Cl. 1). -. Yes. DAB IR. No. Yes. Class B (Cl. 1). -. Yes .. transformer ratio on OD ) which makes it very easy to deal with in.

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Furthermore, the fan stage can be manually selected via a button. The fan speed can be directly choosen, increased and decreased as well as controlled by the control value of a external closed-loop controller.

The EnOcean actuator ld used for efficient room temperature control in private and commercial areas commercial facilities. What makes the device so compelling is not just the graphical programming interface in the ETS software environment. For decoupling the bus line from the power supply.

The frequency of this product All common weather sensors for wind speed, wind direction, rain, amount of rain, brightness, light intensity, pyranometers, twilight, air pressure, humidity or temperature can be connected to the device. The 10AX device is especially suited for loads with high surge currents e. Sending feedback, please wait Free programmable EIB touch display as control-signal- and monitor unit. Os performance part STD E is necessary for the expansion of the connection performance and is exclusively piloted by the predefined order of o dimmer STD U.


This simultaneously indicates the switching state. Manual operation for functional tests.

Constant lighting control ahb also be implemented via additional objects. Each output is controlled separately via the KNX. The device has an integrated web server which enables simple operation and parameterisation via the LAN using a conventional browser.

The bus connection is made through a bus connecting terminal. Das Ausschaltverhalten wird im Aktor festgelegt Treppenlichtzeitschalterfunktion. Rear side bus connection. The device is ready for operation after connecting the bus voltage. Die Panels enthalten einen integrierten Raumtemperaturregler. A device can be contained in several lighting groups. For controlling heating systems and cooling ceilings via electrothermal valve drives.

The base can be connected to 12 V intruder zones, e. The device is suitable for reading out of floating contacts. Two binary inputs are available, for example, as signalling contacts for window contact and dew point monitoring.

ABB LCD Digital Power Meter, 7-Digits, 3 Phase , ±2 % Accuracy

Technical Data Operating voltage – Mains voltage It covers all the electrical installation requirements for this application and offers the following functions in a compact unit: Universal Interface, 2-fold, FM The Universal Interface has 2 channels which can be parameterised as inputs or outputs, e. A floating, two-way contact serves as an alarm output. It can be used as a fast line and area coupler. The dimmer STD U can be switched by one or more buttons.


It is primarily suitable for controlling heating systems and cooling ceilings via electrothermal valve drives normally closed in de-energised state.

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The maximum load current per output is 20 A. The light sensor is supplied with the device. The parameterization is undertaken via the ETS. HKL-Funktion mit bis zu 2 unabhangigen Kanalen. The time signal from the DCF 415 transmitter can be received within a radius of approx. The IP Router in addition to the xbb function for point-to-point communication, also incorporates the functions of a line coupler routing.

Quantities can be provided, which are called over trips.