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A rising star of pop science investigates whether virgin birth might be possible in the In Like a Virgin, biologist and science writer Aarathi Prasad examines. What if you could have children without sex? It might sound like the plot of a dystopian novel, but biologist Aarathi Prasad thinks it’ll soon be. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Think of her as the female equivalent of Brian Cox making science Like a Virgin: How Science Is Redesigning the Rules of Sex – Kindle edition by Aarathi Prasad. Download it once and read it on your Kindle.

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Maybe the prasas fact that it is laden with complicated, detailed, though fascinating information has something to do with the fact that I am the first to write a review. I mean, maybe they would. This is because the shark foetuses nourish themselves through cannibalism, eating their potential siblings. Good to know that sperm swim faster in space though!!

Feeding her interest in and talent for communicating ideas, Prasad recently left the world of research to join vidgin Science, Medicine, and Society Network at University College London, an organization that brings together academics from all fields to discuss socially relevant issues—including the future of reproduction.

Aarathi Prasad: The Virgin-Birth Advocate

If nothing else, it would force one to be aware of the complexities of fetal development, pregnancy, childbirth, and gender determination. It’s because men have an X and a Y chromosome, while women, having two X chromosomes, are more limited in this respect.

There are, for example, the more frequent DNA mutations in sperm because of the more frequent divisions. I’m not sure that I want the rules of sex to be redesigned Customers who bought this item also bought. Reproduction Sex Pregnancy Biology Parents and parenting features. When a woman has a scan at 12 weeks, “Your stomach is completely flat, there’s no sign of the pregnancy except the test you’ve taken.


Much of the book sounds like science fiction, but it makes you think about science and childbirth in a whole new way.

Feb 28, Nikki rated it really liked it. Secondly, it made me feel like I’m wasting all my good fertile years and should start having babies yesterday thankfully no rash decisions were made: Parasitic wasps and the vvirgin that ride them, the virus DNA that made mammals A very well-researched book that looks praad the developments in human reproduction and the direction in which it is proceeding.

Quotes from Like a Virgin: Maybe Lady Gaga would, some maverick. All of this, at least as I read it, making clear that it is not a simple matter of one XX or XY combination coming together.

Dec 13, Vineet added it. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Such is the destiny of printed press, another disappearing model. And I believe this can be achieved, so then you could grow a baby to term.

Book Review: “Like a Virgin”, by Aarathi Prasad – Bitesize Bio

Of course, he reports on all the possibilities in between, currently being practiced for infertile couples, or people wishing to parent without a partner. I guess the marketing department had a hand in it.

Rarely, if it ever happens, does one arrive at a final answer. Prasad believes that after the sex-without-reproduction era, humanity is entering a reproduction-without-sex era. The book surveys a strange corner in the biology of fish, birds, insects, and mammals. The proposed explanation is that ,ike parents will ultimately want to be the sole pun intended source of genetic aarath. Feb 01, Kin Guan rated it really liked it. I think the author does a good job presenting all sides of arguments regarding artificial reproductive technology and the things that could go wrong though she is ultimately hopeful that these technologies will do more good than harm.

O ver tea at her north London home, Aarathi Prasad is talking calmly, coolly, about reproduction. The pradad virgin birth in mice described on one page — the field of non-canonical reproduction is simply not mature enough to write a book about.


The book is a little aarafhi as all pop science books have to be, but it’s a good compilation – she crams a lot in – I’ve gone back to it many, many times now! India is rife with young women becoming surrogate mothers for foreigners who can pay them a third of what they would lkke a woman in their countries. Prasad had studied male infertility and other aspects of developmental biology; she decided to find out more about her choices and what was going on at the cutting edge of reproductive science.

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I would love to know how they found that out. And there are situations where it’s not healthy, and babies would be better off outside. Previously a cancer genetics researcher at Imperial College London, she subsequently moved into the worlds of science communication and policy, in areas including passage of the human-animal chimaera z bill in the UK Parliament.

The decision to write Like a Virgin grew from Prasad’s own desire to have children. The best thing about this book? It isn’t just the Y chromosome that makes a difference for development of a male; it’s having the right bits of the Y chromosome. Aarathi Prasad is a biologist and science writer. However, I found myself becoming bored half-way through.

By definition, assuming this is not spousal rape, impregnation by force with a strange man, it would seem, increases the chances of preeclampsia.