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A2Billing invoicing could work in exactly the same way, using the same idea – a post-paid customer has an overdraft limit, while a pre-paid. How A2Billing Invoices and the Customers Balance screen, the balance column and how refills work. asterisk 2 billing platform. Contribute to xrg/a2billing development by creating an account on GitHub.

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A2billing – WHMCS Create & Control Post Paid VoIP accounts Module (A2Post Paid) – WHMCS Marketplace

A2Billing invoicing – proposed work flow. Initial indications show that there is a lot of work in doing this. Now open source – eNom Onvoice.

A unified approach to all charges of whatever nature that are applied to a customer’s account, making it easy to understand. Tue Jan 19, 6: I would not trust a customer to close the invoice, however it is a must for the admin to be able to do so. Option two only requires that payments received a2billiing entered into A2Billing, thus the system easily copes with under payments and over payments, as well as requiring less mouse clicks to maintain, and thus for a telecom billing system where the amounts owed by the customer, and the transactions made are happening almost on a minute by minute basis as calls are made, this is more suitable.

Option one expects an invoice to be created, and then paid in full. It is appreciated I was beginning to think that one or more of the following is true: On invoice day – which is set in the customer page.


Send an invoice, and when it is paid, mark it as paid. Credit, Invoice, Payment, To Pay. The invoice will only close if the customer pay the full a2billinh owed.

This could be done on a customer by customer basis, or run by pressing a button, and invoicing a particular subset by filtering on customers first – a bulk update for instance. Hi Thank you for your attention and your reply. I would check in the simulator to see what it thinks the call rate should be.

We will come up with an estimate imvoice how much work is involved after we incoice your comments.


Sat Feb 06, 2: Flexibility in whether a customer is pre-pay or post-pay, simply by changing the credit limit of the customer – e. Fraud prevention plugin to detect online fraud and therefore reduce chargeback. Record cycle is stopped. I am not sure I understand the diff from option 1 or 2. No you clearly do not understand the workflow described. Commercial installation and support is also available from Star2Billing allowing you to concentrate on building your telecoms business rather than the technology.

Tue Feb 02, He would then pay the sum of money indicated by the invoice. Invoices During the billing process of a customer, 2 types of object are generated: The balance from invoic invoice is recorded, and a new preview invoice prepared, with the first line being the balance carried forward from the previous month. The only issue that I can see is that this may cause some unexpected load during the day for busy customers.


The customer should not have the ability to s2billing a record earlier than the cycle. However, for admin to have this ability to present an upto date final bill for someone who is say closing their account would be desirable.


I think that as long as the system is setup to close AND pay the exact amount on the invoice PLUS any balance, should not have any coding nightmare a2iblling Les I might be confused on what “Alternatively, the customer could close off their own invoice and pay it. Automate domain imports, TLD pricing imports, plus 5 admin widgets to monitor your eNom account!

The prepaid customer is going to see what he used and paid for. Option two creates an invoice, and the balance carried forward from all previous invoices, so to get an amount owed, one only has to look at the final invoice, as it will include the values from all other invoices.