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A Systematic Approach to YDS cikmis eski KPDS sorularini aciklayarak kullanicilari YDS sinavlarina hazirlayan kapsamli bir test kitabidir. Kitap. KPDS’de her paragraf ile ilgili 5 soru soruluyor ve sorulardan bazı yorum Ancak benim tavsiyem CESUR ÖZTÜRK – SYSTEMATIC APPROACH olacaktır. A Systematic Approach to YDS çıkmış eski KPDS sorularını açıklayarak kullanıcıları YDS sınavlarına hazırlayan kapsamlı bir test kitabıdır. Kitap, aşağıda yer alan.

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Ancak bu yaplarn arasnda kullanlan ifadeler uzun olabilir ve bu yzden cmleleri iyi takip etmek gerekmektedir. Dolaysyla ancak some ile birlikte kullanlabilir. C His later album made a bigger contribution to his fame than the former ones D By the time he produced his new songs for the album, he was popular enough thanks to the former ones.

D The disk which was in the computer stated that there was a virus in the computer. A have extraordinary talents that allow them to have contact with the unknown B practise magic and explain events by means of astrological signs C were the pioneers of the anti-Enlightenment movements in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries D can tell us what places are haunted and why E can teach others what extrasensory perceptions are ZM Bu sorunun kkne dikkat etmeliyiz.

E Wherever and whenever it is necessary, we have to take precautions for the last information. The passage makes the point that B Only children have a problem with blood cholesterol. Kesinlikle yanl olduuna emin olduunuz seeneklerin stn karalayn ve gz nnden kaldrn. Bu konuda hangi kitaplardan yararlanabileceiniz kitap tantm blmnde verilmitir.

approach One understands from the passage that Bu zarf tr cmlede kstlama ablam vermek iin kullanlr. Gramerdeki belli bal yaplar sorulamyordu. Burada vereceim rnekler ve anlatmlar terimlerden uzak ve anlalmas kolay olsun diye renci ders notu havasnda yazlmtr. Emerson’s life in science is the best of books E Systsmatic was very important for me that my wife was always next to me, or lese, something would be different, now.


Bu dnce, gzlemlerime gre snava girenlerin ounda vardr. A Children have difficulty understanding the relationship between real life and the television commercials, but families educate them. This was no doubt influenced by rising unemployment which is now at a record high.

Kitap Reading For Vocabulary

C Brian was bitterly disappointed by the fact that the new offer was entirely rejected by the members. Sadece onlara nasl yaklaacanz bilmeniz yeterli. That she killed her husband is not a secret anymore When she killed her husband is not a secret anymore Weather the woman killed her husband or not is still unknown.

Hi bir paragraf but, so, and, Further. Aristotle returned shortly to Athens and created a new school and center of learning called the Lyceum. B Provided that the children are given the skills of solving problems by their parents, they will see the benefit of this in their career and personal relationship in the future.

Genellikle paragraf ya da metin uzun ise Bu Zor Bir Para diye dnp brakyoruz.

Kelime ezberlemekle vakit kaybetmeyin! D Japanese youths commit many more murders than in other countries. Unknown things arouse great interest in us. A It is a t assumption that a car with low capacity in speed may break out on the long distance. He was Plato’s pupil for the first few years. A The services of the child’s doctor were free.

II The show is hosted by Faisal al-Kasim, a forty-two-year-old with glasses.

D The pediatrician is a children’s doctor who charges great fees. Normalde gramer kitaplarnda bu yapy gremezsiniz ancak paralarda grebilirsiniz. E The government took remarkable precautions, so the system got better and better. Basit ve dzgn sylemek dururken kimse devrik bir yap kullanarak kar tarafa bir eyler anlatmaya almaz. C As soon as the man makes up his mind and becomes decisive to stop smoking, he will turn back to his good days.


Prepositiona dayal kelime sorular: Bu tr ngilizce yeterlilik snavlarnda adaylara farkl blmlerde farkl soru tipleri sorularak, gramer bilgisi, kelime bilgisi, kavrama yetisi ve yorum yapma yetenekleri zamanla doru orantl bir ekilde lclr.

In Arabian ghettos, there are few things that men do at home. A As you know, Susan and Mark got married a few weeks ago, which was an insensible act for both of them. A Before the student started to study his lesson, his father entered the room and spoilt his concentration.

KPDS -Test-teknikleri COK GUZELL

Anlamann yazl biimi belirsiz, dolaysyla her iki eviri de geerli. B The mans approch cannot recover from that situation even though he decides to quit smoking. Baz sorularda doruyu bulmak ve baz sorularda ise yanl bulmak kolaydr. B The city council wanted the rock group to perform in the stadium instead of the city.

Tense QuestionSeveral people and [Arşiv] – dilFORUM

Sfat cmleciklerinin daha farkl trleri bize sorulabilir. Dou Avrupa tarafndan ifadesinden sonra gelen virgl zellikle notably her hangi bir Dou Avrupa rneini istemektedir ki burada Hungarian Macaristan dystematic rnek olarak verilmitir. C the man saw the berries reflected rather than actually floating in the water.

Log In Sign Up. What follows is to match the words examined with systeatic definitions, so that the learner can be quite sure of what the words mean. We are interested in the things we are not familiar with.

Daha nceki snavlarda rencinin kelimenin doru halini bilip bilmedii sorulamyordu.

II The show is hosted by Faisal al-Kasim, a forty-two-year-old with glasses.