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A basic manual of chess by the master Jos Raul Capablanca, regarded as one of the half dozen greatest players ever. Capablanca was noted especially for his. A basic manual of chess by the master Jos̩ Raul Capablanca, regarded as one of the half dozen greatest players ever. Capablanca was noted especially for his . Documents Similar To Capablanca РA Primer of Dan Heisman РLooking for Trouble РRecognizing and Meeting Threats in Chess. Uploaded by.

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The fact is that chess consists of those three elements plus the inherent element of positionand that position is first, last, and foremost. World chess champion from Richard rated it it was ok May 05, This does not mean that you should neglect any of the other three elements, but that you should give pre-eminence to the element of position. From that thread I realized that I made a mistake in reading the notation.

A Primer of Chess – Jose R. Capablanca – Google Books

Tim Tenley rated it really liked it Jul 06, Time, developing with the moves. To ask other readers questions about A Primer of Chessplease sign up. A cramped position is a bad position. Firat Selen rated it it was amazing Mar 10, Zachary rated it it was amazing Mar 10, Rachel Ruff rated it really liked it Feb 03, So they end up with the same set up as first described by him as impossible to win, with Black maintaining the front position.


Dan rated it it was amazing Apr 03, Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

If one side is one pawn ahead that constitutes an advantage, and very often a decisive advantage among players of equal strength.

The book was wrote in and used the old English Notation style like: Apr 23, 1. Ansel Thoen rated it really liked it Aug 23, Yeah I actually posted this in the Analysis section as well, as I thought that was a better spot for it.

Capablanca was noted especially for his technical mastery, and in this book he explains the fundamentals as no one else could. The first thing to look at is material.

Tyler rated it it was ok Mar 06, Dec 31, Talvez A member of the Chess Hall of Fame, he is honored by an annual tournament held in his name in Havana, Cuba, his home country. Direct and violent attacks against the King must be made en massewith full force, to ensure their success. Mark all topics as READ.

Capablanca – A Primer of Chess

It is true that later he [Znosko-Borovsky] speaks of the valuation of position, and of superior and inferior positions, but this does not correct the original statement.

Donald rated it it was ok Oct 08, A Concept of Strategy John L.

He is considered by many to be the finest natural players of all time–he lost only one game between and I’ve been reading through the book A Primer of Chess by Capablanca, and I’m having a hard time understanding something in the book. Ed rated it capavlanca was amazing May 26, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Quotes from References of Interest. His skill in the endgame and his speed of play garner special praise.


A Primer of Chess

Post your best miniatures here Tristala 27 min ago. Apr 23, 3.

To upset such an advantage there must be for the other player a much greater freedom of action for his pieces that would generally be in Spaceor he would need to have the possibility of a strong attack against some weak point which would result in his recovering at least the Pawn lost.

If White moves the cbess when the kings are in opposition then Black moves the king out of opposition and White gains opposition on next move. He says it’s essential to understand as many of his later examples rely on an understanding of it.

From the first position White moves fiirst Black draws making the right moves. Alberto rated it really liked it May 24, I’m no expert on that endgame, though I prime a decent grasp on it. Aloisio Ponti rated it really liked it Oct 07, Bulldogs, Witch, and Hunter HorribleTomato 4 min ago.