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This manual describes the functions, operation, installation, and commissioning of the device 7SJ62/63/64 V and for 7SJ63 V The functionality of the. Function overview. Description. Siemens SIP · 5 OvercurrentProtection/ 7SJ 5. 5/ 5/ Protection functions. • Time-overcurrent. of Siemens AG. Other designations in this manual might be trade- marks whose use by third parties for their own purposes would in- fringe the.

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Search Search term s Search. Only qualified people shall work on and around this device.


The load current the line carries must be at least 0. Function Logic Functions 2. Thus, for example, a rate-of-frequency-change protection or reverse power protection can be implemented. Manual Close Mode 50N-2 instant. Bay controllers Bay controllers 7sn62 devices with control and monitoring functions without protective functions. Tank Leakage Protection Functions 2. Transmission is possible via different transmission protocols.

Figure shows the printed circuit board C—CPU and the interface modules. Fault Locator Functions 2. Page 4 Additional Support Should further information on the System SIPROTEC 4 be desired or should particular problems arise which are not covered sufficiently for the purchaser’s purpose, the matter sieemens be referred to the local Siemens rep- resentative.

It may only be changed if the device is set to measure one or more ground currents via two current inputs. Here the delta address must be set to VT Connect. If T-reset expires and no new ground fault is recorded during that time, all memories are reset and the protection resumes normal position.


Temperature Stage 2 Pickup Products for Power Quality and Measurement go. Page 56 Functions 2. Page 48 Functions 2. The location and ratings of the miniature fuse F1 and of the buffer battery G1 are shown in the following figure.

Page – Measuring the Operating Time of the Circ Operator Interface Checking: Other designations in this manual might be trade- marks whose use by third parties for their own purposes would in- Release date Therefore, the function does not drop out at high speed.

Oscillographic Fault Records Functions 2. Electrical Tests Technical Data 4. In the current path, the I current is valid, when the transformer neutral current is connected to the device.

Page Glossary Protection devices All devices with a protective function and no control display. Page 72 Functions 2. Inverse Time Overcurrent Elements 51, 51n Functions 2. Bit pattern indication Bit pattern indication is a processing function by means of which items of digital process information applying across several inputs can be detected together in parallel and processed further. Page – A. Information with regard to the determination of setting values as well as formulas, if required, are also provided.

The measurement of these statistical values is initiated upon energization of the motor. Disassembly Mounting and Commissioning 3.

This measurement method semens the sampled values of the current and filters in numerical order the fundamental harmonic so that the higher harmonics or transient peak currents remain largely unconsidered. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Saving on maintenance and servicing costs is one of the main benefits this functionality offers.


The same applies to function groups 2 to 4. High Impedance Protection go.

Siemens 7sj62 7sj6225 5eb90-1fe0/ff Fast

The grounding conditions in the rest of the network determine how strong a zero sequence current from the system is. Both op- erational states are unfavorable as overvoltage may cause for example insulation problems or undervoltage may cause stability problems.

Voltage thresholds and time delays can be set individually for both elements. Communication Interfaces Technical Data 4. The successful and safe operation of the device is dependent on proper handling, storage, installation, opera- tion, and maintenance. Figure Web-Monitor Synchronoscope All currently parameterized functions are shown in a list. These are transmitted to the modem within the framework of modem initialization.

The module number corresponds to the address number e.

Product Details – Industry Mall – Siemens WW

Page 5 Preface Safety Information This manual does not constitute a complete index of all required safety measures for operation of the equip- ment module, deviceas special operational conditions may require additional measures.

The binary input message must be deactivated again within this time diemens order to start the dead time.

Page 88 Functions 2. Page 90 Functions 2. Follow the procedure described in this section, whenever hardware modifica- tions are carried out.