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Quad 2-input NAND gate. Dual D type flip flop E-trig. Quad 3-state buffer Lo enable. I don’t know how often the pulses will be coming in, because it will depend on what the sensor is detecting.

The counter can be reset with an arduino output. Hex inverting buffer gate. For needs like you describe, there is always the option of using a small microcontroller and implement the functionality you need. Quad 2-input AND gate.

74HC85 даташиты PDF

Dual 4-input NOR gate. Dual 4-bit binary counter. Logic Data sheets Series Component. BCD counter asynchronous reset.


Logic IC Data Sheets

I’d suggest two or three shift registers latchablelike the 74HC Triple 3-input NOR gate. I didn’t see your answer until after! You all may be right, I may be trying to do something that the Arduino can already do, but I just thought that if I could do it off board, I could save the processing cycles for something more important. I didn’t want to use the Arduino directly. Quad 2-input OR gate. I’m unsure if dataseet can use timer0, as that’s also used for millis and some other rather important stuff Arduino-wise.

A quick googling gave me theor 74HCT, which might fit the bill. Quad 2-input exclusive OR gate. Is there any chance the Arduino might miss this “count reached” signal?

I have never used it, but judging from the datasheet it would seem so. Octal 3-state D type flip flop. Just for the record, my reference to any “lengthy mumbling datzsheet was not intended for you, but something I didn’t include after all. Into the feed your number with the shift out tutorial.


Octal dtaasheet inv op latch. Quad 2 to 1 line mux Inverter.

I just thought that if I could have something external count the pulses, I could have the Arduino doing something more important. Schmitt Hex inverting gate. Hex 2-input NOR enable buffer.

Quad 3-state buffer Hi enable. You can use a 74hx85 8 bit counter feeding into one side of a 74HC85 magnitude comparatorthen feed the other side from a shift register 74HC We hold data-sheets on many items that are found in the stores inventory.

BCD to decimal decoder.

BIN counter synchronous reset. Quad 2 to 1 line multiplexer. Hex inverting schmitt trigger. I think in order to make the 74hct work, 74gc85 will need some supporting chips, just so I don’t need a tremendous number of pins in order for it to work. Dual D type flip flop 4-bit.