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Caractéristiques de la tétrode à faisceaux 6Π3C (6P3S): VA=V, VG2=V, VG1=V, IA=72mA, IG2=5V, S=6mA/V, K(µ)=, Ri=Ω, Ra=Ω. Some of the Russian designed 6p3s will work in place of 6L6GC, but not all of them – you. Seems to be something like a 6L6GB. I’ve found a spec sheet here: http://www. It looks like.

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Keep the voltage low and make sure your power transformer is big enough.

6P3S-E = 6L6 = 6L6GT = 6L6GC = 5881 tube. Output tetrode. Reflector plant

Mar 12, 9. No, create an account now. Search Media New Media. It is a 40 watt amp, so 2 of these 20 watt tubes work fine. The regular 6p3s can dissipate only A 6P3S dissipates around 20 watts.

Of course it’s going to half the output impedence from 8 to 4 ohm on a standard OT. Now I just have to decide on some circuit that can benefit from a lot of switches. As far as dissipation goes they’re no better than tubd 6L6Gs.


6П3С, Tube 6П3С; Röhre 6П3С ID, Beam Power Tube

PatrickMar 13, One site says, “This high quality beam tetrode tubes used in output stages of low frequency amplifiers” Numerous eBay listings say they’re “rare”. Your name or email address: In this configuration, the 6P3S tubes have a very sweet sound.

They must be tough! Home Forums Recent Posts. I have found it to have an EL34 like quality.

6P3S = 6L6 = 6L6GT = 6L6GC = 5881 tube. Output beam tetrode NIB

It needs a higher impedance transformer. The 6L6G is the oldest version. Be careful with those coin-base models in Fender amps.

Mar 12, 2. Check out the “ruggedized” 6P3S “E” version. I’m thinking running the plates around v and biasing them about watts dissipation. Then there’s the glowing hype. Sep 23, 3. The 6L6GC came along in the late ’50s.

I was thinking these might be nice to try in something like a Deluxe or Deluxe Reverb Dec 12, 7. Mar 12, 5. I worked on a Twin that someone tubee installed them into. I stuck one new pair in a Hot Rod Deluxe I sold a friend about 2 years ago.


That tells me everything I need to know and why. Yes, my password is: Sep 23, 4.

It is basically a weak kneed 6L6 wannabe. The difference is the WXT uses the large American-style base. I know they are supposed to be able to go in place of a 6L6, but are they direct replacements, or do they maybe function a little different?

6p3s tubes | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Dec 12, 9. Are they just “strong like bull” Russian tubes? It isn’t going to be as loud as the 6P3S-E. Some of the Ebay ones look different. One tube red plated, 6p3x other didn’t.