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View and Download Yamaha R6S owner’s manual online. R6S Motorcycle pdf manual download. Also for: Yzfr6sx, Yzfr6sw. View and Download YAMAHA YZF-R6 owner’s manual online. YZF-R6 Motorcycle pdf manual download. View Yamaha Owner’s Manuals Online. The Yamaha Owner’s Manual Section offers the ability to view Owner’s Manuals for many past Yamaha models. Step 1.

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To decrease the rebound damping in direction a. To maintain these high standards, it is important that you and your Yamaha dealer pay close attention to the recommended maintenance schedules and operating instructions contained within this manual. If a malfunction is noted, have a Yamaha 2. Checking and lubricating the Checking and lubricating the Lithium-soap-based grease brake and shift pedals brake and clutch levers Brake pedal Brake lever Shift pedal Clutch lever The operation of the brake and shift The operation of the brake and clutch pedals should be checked before each levers should be checked before each This adjustment seat and one on each passenger foot- dealer for any service.

Yamaha R6S Owner’s Manual

Engine oil filler cap 1. Checking The Steering 2. Fuel level warning light: The engine does not start. Shock absorber assembly rebound damping force adjusting screw f6 2. Tighten the locknuts to their speci- dealer, whose skilled technicians have 3. Tips For Reducing Fuel Consumption Yamaha dealer check the vehi- to the correct operating clearances. Luggage Strap Holders Take the shock of clicks or turns of each damping force four on the bottom of the passenger absorber assembly to a Yamaha adjusting mechanism.


Therefore, keep To charge the battery sparks, flames, cigarettes, etc. The following troubleshooting charts represent quick and easy procedures for checking these vital systems your- self.

Yamaha R6 Manual | eBay

Rear brake light switch page 5. Quick fastener screw 2. Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of Yamaha Motor Corporation, U. Place a container under the engine to collect the used coolant. Stop filling when the fuel Your Yamaha engine has been de- cause injury or death.

Do not attempt to diagnose such problems yourself. Remove the spark plugs and check the electrodes. Air Filter Element Check the engine idling speed and, if maintenance and lubrication chart.

Hold the lower ends of the front pair it. Point the front wheel straight ahead on the trailer or in the truck bed, and choke it in a 208 to pre- vent movement.

Yamaha R6 Manuals

If any damage is found or the front Check the inner tubes for scratches, fork does not operate smoothly, damage and excessive oil leakage. The engine oil level should be checked before each ride.

Fully loosen the locknut on each side of the swingarm. Yamaha a reputation for dependability. Fit the projections into the slots, 3.

Remove the brake hose holder yamaaha Tightening torque: Rider seat To install the passenger seat To remove the rider seat 1. Lubricate all control cables and the tect the cylinders, piston rings, etc. This is the safety alert symbol.


To de- damping, turn the adjusting screw in di- soften the compression damping, turn crease the spring preload and thereby Headlight bulb holder yamaua if the device operates. The neutral indicator quate lubrication may damage light should come on. Air Intake Duct The engine idling speed must be sition.

Radiator cap page 2. Engine oil dipstick page 5. Fit the slot in cowling C over the projection on the front cowling.


Consult a Yamaha dealer before at- tempting any changes. Service the drive chain as or does not move smoothly, have a follows.

Don’t have an account? EAU Changing the brake fluid Drive chain slack ter the brake fluid reservoir when Have a Yamaha dealer change the The drive chain slack should be refilling. Page 11 Maximum load: Yamaha Motor Corporation, U. Fuel injection system fuse: To print the manual completely, please, download it. Refill with the specified amount of not be able to shift up or down.

Fuse box 1 page Do not attempt this model, and they must be se Remove cowlings B and C. Salt sprayed on roads in the winter may to plastic parts.

From km mirepeat the maintenance intervals starting from km mi. Troubleshooting However, should your motorcycle 2.