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(refer to your phone’s owner manual for more information). The radio will display the word. “CALL” when you are on the phone. Check and obey the laws and. Find great deals on eBay for Ford Taurus Owners Manual in Other Models. Ford Taurus Owners Manual w/ Case & Quick Reference Guide – #D – #E. FORD TAURUS OWNERS MANUAL [Ford] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Owners Manual.

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Determine your magnetic zone by referring to the zone map. Only use replacement tires and wheels that are the same size and type such as P-metric versus LT-metric or all-season versus all-terrain as those originally provided by Ford. Refer to Fuses and relays in the Roadside Emergencies chapter. Pause for a few seconds and return the key to the OFF position.

Controls the volume of air circulated in the vehicle. R Reverse to ensure a bright clear view when backing up. Set the parking brake and ensure the gearshift is securely latched in P.

Ford Taurus Owners Manual | eBay

Taurua the engine block heater section for proper use of the engine block heater. Pull lever up to adjust seatback. Install the dipstick making sure it is fully seated in the filler tube. Running out of fuel Avoid running out of fuel because this situation may have an adverse affect on taurhs components.


At the back of the headlamp, pry up and remove the two retainer pins to release the headlamp assembly from the vehicle and pull headlamp forward. Add the mixture to the coolant reservoir, when the engine is cool, until the appropriate fill level is obtained. This allows the tongue to unlatch from the buckle.

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Warning Lights And Chimes Continued driving with this light on may cause the Service engine soon warning light to come on. Air filter assembly 4. If the procedure manusl to be repeated, you must wait 30 seconds. Cd Changer Do not pull too hard on the disc holder as the disc holder may come completely out of the magazine.

2003 Ford Taurus – Owner’s Manual (216 pages)

The armed system will be triggered if: If the fluid is low, add fluid in small amounts, continuously checking the level until it reaches the range between the MIN and MAX lines. An out of position front center occupant could affect the decision of the front passenger sensing system. A spark may cause an explosion of the gases that surround the battery. For example, if an occupant slouches, lies down, turns sideways, sits forward, leans forward or sideways, or puts one or both feet up, the chance of injury during a crash 0203 greatly increased.


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If you do not install and use the safety seat properly, the child may be injured in a sudden stop or collision. Center at FORD. Pages with related products. Customer Assistance In some states in the U. Ford may change the contents without notice and without incurring obligation. Also try to tug the seat forward. Do not block the sensor on the backside of the inside rear view mirror since this may impair proper mirror performance.

Electronic Automatic Temperature Control defrost.

Ford Taurus Owners Manuals

Children 12 years old and under should be properly restrained in the rear seat whenever possible. Press the ON control and release 2. Go to the front of the vehicle and release the auxiliary latch located in the center between the hood and the grille.

Oaners Weight — includes all weight added to the Base Curb Weight, including cargo and optional equipment.

Accelerate to the desired speed. Do not put washer fluid in the engine coolant reservoir.