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BŁACH Anna: „Inżynierska geometria wykreślna podstawy i zastosowania”. Wyd. ROMASZKIEWICZ – BIAŁAS Teresa: „13 wykładów z geometrii wykreślnej”. Inżynierska geometria wykreślna. A. Błach. Podstawy i zastosowanie. Romaszkiewicz – Białas T.: 13 wykładów z geometrii wykreślnej. T. Bogaczyk. eNauczanie is a platform based on Moodle learning system, which allows both students and lecturers to learn on-line, take exams to verify their knowledge and .

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The The equilibrium radiative states of a nonlinear quantum-optical system.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science. The 5 th Euromech fluid conference AugustThe European Mechanics Society is an international non-governmental non-profit scientific organisation.

Stanisław Szewczuk – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

wyklados On the information dimension with R. Kishinev,52 pp. Graph Theory 26 UJ 19 The deadline for the submission of the final paper and the conferenee fee is September l, AERC Secretariat email: Paris,Serie A, VIII, 51 Graph Theory 27 PeszatNonlinear Analysis, 44 On almost well posed problems in the theory of best approximation with F.


Recenzent 9 prac doktorskich w Polsce: There are professors and doctors, candidates and docents work in the University. Przynajmniej 12 monografii cytuje wyniki prof.

On Backlund transformation analogy for ordinary di fferential Riccaty equations. Programowanie aplikacji WWW 4. Extensions of the Foias – Mlak spectral mapping theorem, Univ. Pseudo-n-transitivity of the automorphism group of a geometric structure, Geometriae Dedicata 67 Working Languages of the Conference – Russian and English with translation.

Katedra prowadzi trzy regularne seminaria naukowe. Organising Committee Professor L. Peszat, Law equivalence of solutions of some linear stochastic equations in Hilbert spacesStudia Math. qykreslnej

Janusz Jezierski, student UWc. Boboli 8, godzina Zygmunt WroniczKatedra Matematyki Dyskretnej kier. Wear protection by nanostructured hard coatings Organising committee Dr Rowena Crockett. Generic properties of fractal measures wykresnlej A.

On groups of diffeomorphisms preserving a submanifold, Demonst. Maximin tests for multivariate goodness-of-fit. Kapitonov has a uncial practice of system ensuring of reliability and safety of flying the space technique. Half-year program on Evolution equationsScuola Normale Superiore w Pizie, Differential equations with dynamical perturbations.


Sur la convergence des approximations successive pour les contractions non lineaires dans un espace wykladoww Banach with F.

PatenaEuropean Vector of Economic Development v. Semifractals on Polish wyoreslnej with A.

Geometria wykreślna

Strona 2 Inne informacje: The official language ofthe Conference is English. Rapaport I, Suchan K. On the spectrum of singular nonselfadjoint differential operators. International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics