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Uploaded by. yah · Ch 3 Conducteurs Et Câbles. Uploaded by. yah · dtr-dom-tom Uploaded by. yah. , Jun , 16M , Jun Classe Code: Java package com. sdz. dao. implement ; //CTRL + SHIFT + O pour . Interested in apprenez-a-programmer-en-java?.

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I thought that since he wanted access to the root node that it was more likely a factory pattern or something.

Index of /pdf

Remember that we pride ourselves on being a friendly and helpful place. All of your problems and questions were answered and explained before you asked them, on http: And that just means that you passed in a null when you called treeRead There is never ever a case where that would be correct.

As an aside, quotes like this are why we need to bring back signatures. You create a new empty Application class. The crash probably happened where you USE it later in the method. I don’t will lose my time with noobs like u.

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I hope you’ll choose to bring that up in the appropriate subforum everyone: It is physically impossible. My guess is that you called treeRead before your application was initialized.


Hard to say, though. I actually did answer your newb questions I want the whole thread as my signature!!!

RootNode Inside of class – SDK – jMonkeyEngine Hub

If u think your an advanced java user and u cant anwser my newb question like everyone is calling me that will probably mean your not advanced at all. There is Control classes in the examples, BombControl for example.

This is jaga such basic introductory Java not JME, just Java stuff that it’s really hard not to tell you to learn more Java. And btw, the code clearly shows that you are a java noob. You cannot write a Java game without knowing how to program in Java By doing something like: Since its not started and please don’t try to start it, you should reference the main application all of its variables are null.

I already tryed everything and wpprenez guys seem to think you know everything if u did know everything you would already understand what i am doing wrong and why it s not working i will post the script and maybe u will undertand better. RootNode Inside of class Troubleshooting.


If it doesn’t work so you are definitely a NOOB.

Show 16001 the real main class that is calling treeRead and we’ll instantly be able to tell you why the rootNode you tried to pass was null. Can you stop calling me noobs? All of your problems would have been solved if you knew only a bit more what you are doing there.

Seriously, it’s entirely possible that we are actually trying to help you and not just being elitist jerks. Its not like we want to keep people from using our engine but you have to see that all the time spent writing these answers is wasted just because you don’t want to accept that you need to know more about java before you can code a game.

You mentioned above that you have an issue with the documentation.

Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like an attempt at subclassing Node?